War: Here or There

We did not start this war. It was thrust upon us.

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: April 15, 2004

War: Here or There

Iraq, here or there

9/1/1 we wake up to an accident. A plane has struck one of the twin towers at the World Trade Center. A few minutes later a second plane smashes into the second tower. We then realize that this is no accident. America is under attack.

Over 3,000 of our fellow Americans are butchered. Included are a large number of undocumented workers. They kill without distinction. Green cards not required. Christians, Jews, Moslems, all slaughtered. The terrorists are equal opportunity killers.

We did not start this war. It was thrust upon us. We have a choice: Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan or here in the USA. Take your pick.

Why do they hate us?

Because we are the greatest country in the world. With all of our defects we are the fairest, most decent society to have ever inhabited this planet.

Because we are not a third world toilet like Haiti, North Korea or Afghanistan.

Because people cross deserts, launch inner tubes in shark infested waters to reach the dream, which is America.

Because women are allowed to work, drive, allowed to be successful, not forced to wear Burkas.

Because women are allowed to get an education.

Because we have no religious police to beat infidels.

Because homosexuals and lesbians are not criminals and are not jailed by the hundreds as they are in countries that practice Islamic law.

Because minorities, either religious or ethnic, are protected and have equal rights under the law.

Because we do not practice slavery as they do in Islamic Sudan, Mauritania, Niger and Chad.

Because we believe and teach that life is precious and that strapping a bomb to a 16-year-old kid does not lead to paradise and 70 virgins.

Because we are free to think, speak, write without fear of being jailed as in Cuba or fear of being accused of blasphemy with the accompanying death sentence as is the case in the Middle East.

I am grateful that we have allies such as Great Britain, Poland, El Salvador, Bulgaria, Italy, Japan, Israel and South Korea.

It will be a cold day in hell before I buy anything made in France or owned by French interests.

I am glad that our military is capturing and killing terrorists in Iraq and in Afghanistan. I pray for their safety and their families. I am glad that they are dragging these sick fundamentalists out of caves and sending them via express to Allah.

These are the same slime balls that bomb railway stations in Spain and pizza parlors in Israel killing hundreds of innocent people.

Where is our sense of outrage? Have we forgotten our fellow Americans throwing themselves out of windows on 9/11? Don?t you remember the anger, sadness that you felt?

Do we need another kick in the pants?

Make no mistake. Pulling out of Iraq will not end this war. We did not choose war, the fundamentalist Muslims did.

We cannot choose war or peace. All we can choose is where this war is fought.

Better there than here.

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Born in Cuba, American by choice. Director Estamos Unidos, Wilshire branch. Married to a magnificent Salvadoran woman, Olivia, 8 children. e-mail

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