Vuestras Guerras

Last night I dreamt once again that I was awake

By Jesenia Chavez
Published on LatinoLA: April 16, 2004

Vuestras Guerras

I took a trip to Spain recently. My plane took off a day after the terrorist bombings in Madrid. My family told me I was crazy for flying out there, but I had booked my ticket in December and decided I was not turning back.

I mean terrorists don't plan their attacks around a chicanita's vacation time, right?

So, there I went, straight into Madrid, well, not really straight there since there is no direct flight from LAX to Madrid. Anyhow, there I went jet-lagged and hungry. As I made my way from the airport to the place I was staying, I saw dozens of Spanish flags with the yellow ribbon in the middle. I saw the memorials, and I felt the sadness.

I was inspired to write.

I thought about how we are all victims, how war affects everyone, how there are different types of wars waged on us, and I thought of the following piece, inspired by the graffiti in Madrid.

Vuestras Guerras=Nuestros Muertos

Vuestras Guerras, Nuestros Muertos

Our dead, our dead, your wars, my sisters and brothers, dead,
Mere reflections of who they are,
A combination of MTV and McDonalds, and fashion and the latest trend
And the pressures, and the pressures, and the vomit, and the drugs, and the self loss
And the vomit and the self-inflicted hunger, the scars on your arms, and the cuts on your legs,
And the body bags from the war. What?s the death count for today?
How many Iraqis dead?
How many mothers burying their sons?
How many red candles on the pavement, on the makeshift memorial?
Se han llevado a mi hijo, mi amigo, mi esposo, my abuela
Vuestra Guerra, y nuestros muertos,
Nuestros muertos vivos, y cuantos mas?
Y cuantos mas?
Vuestras Guerras, nuestros muertos,
Por la bala, muerto
Por las drogas muerto,
Por el alcol, muerto
Por la Guerra en Iraq, muerto
Por la Guerra en las fronteras muerto,
Por la Guerra dentro de mi, por la Guerra dentro de ti,
Gorda! Fea! Mensa!
You?re not good enough
This war in me, this war in you
No sirves para nada
You?re worthless! you?re fat! You?re too dark!
This war, this war, war waged on you, and the war you wage on yourself
Vuestras Guerras=Nuestros Muertos,
Y digo Ya BASTA, pero al final de cuentas me recuerdo del metro de Madrid,
?Ayer volvi a so?ar que estaba despierta?

?Last night I dreamt once again that I was awake?
?Last night I dreamt once again that I was awake?
?Last night I dreamt once again that I was awake?

About Jesenia Chavez:
Jesenia Chavez at divajes@yahoo.com
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