Latinos Need Not Apply

I don't think Jerry really worries about his employment practices

By Manny Gonzalez
Published on LatinoLA: May 2, 2004

Latinos Need Not Apply

A brief conversation I had recently confirmed for me once again why I have an incredible disdain for Univision. I was at a Latino professional networking reception in NYC, when I was introduced to a nice, young Latina who works at Univision (I won't tell you her name because who knows, this may end up on Jerry's computer).

Anyway, this young woman was telling me that she thought it strange that at the nation's largest Spanish-language TV network most of the executives were Anglo men. Honestly, I had to restrain myself from blurting out: Girl, what was your first clue?! No, I was civilized, and shared with her that when Henry Cisneros was President of the evil empire (of course, I didn't use the word "evil") he once told one of his Latino employees that Hispanics really didn't have any future at Univision.

I remember a few years ago, when I ran into one of Univision's best sports anchors right after the World Cup '98 in France, and congratulated him on his network's success with the World Cup coverage. Without missing a beat, he says: "Big deal, I didn't see any of the riches." A little bitterness, perhaps?

To be fair, Univision has Hispanic senior managers and executives on the programming side (it's Spanish-language TV, for God's sake, so it's a no-brainer to have a Ray Rodriguez, right?). But on the more lucrative advertising sales side, whites rule the executive suite. Haven't you noticed all of the glowing press releases in the last few months, announcing white man after white man getting promoted to another Univision executive sales position? It seems that Jerry keeps creating new executive sales positions for all of his white compadres.

Isn't it interesting that today, young professional Latinos have a better shot at the executive ranks of say, Time-Warner, Washington Mutual, HP, than at the nation's largest Spanish-language TV network?

Let me set the record straight before I leave you: I have never sought, nor will I ever seek, employment at Univision. Oh well, I don't think Jerry really worries about his employment practices, or about any possible bad press....he has plenty of accomplices to help him carry out his mission...ain't that right, AHAA?

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