Where is the Outrage?

What about the pregnant woman and her four daughters?

By Edie J. Adler
Published on LatinoLA: May 5, 2004

Where is the Outrage?

For several days now the media has bombarded me with repeated images of despicable acts committed against Iraqui prisoners of war. Needless to say, like the rest of the free world I am repulsed every time I see them. Although there is no excuse for the ill treatment of POWs, I can?t help but wonder if these horrendous acts were inspired by the charred remains of four innocent civilians hanging from a bridge in Fellujah not too long ago.

Other, more disturbing questions come to my mind as I see these pictures time and time again: where are the images of a young pregnant woman and her four little daughters murdered ? also recently ? by Palestinian terrorists? Where is the outrage? Where are the millions of people marching around the world, crying, demanding an international investigation? Why are most Democrats not clamoring for an immediate withdrawal of all financial aid to the Palestinians? Where is the extended media coverage?

It seems to me that the intentional murder of an innocent pregnant woman and her four daughters ? Tali Khotel, Hadar, 9, Roni, 7, Hila, 11, and Merav, 2 ? would be enough for the United Nations to call for a special session and issue and immediate condemnation.

Oh, I forgot to mention one little detail. The woman and her children were Jewish, and they had committed the mortal sin of wanting to live in peace in their own country- Israel.

By the way, this was not the unfortunate side-effect of war. This was not an accident, nor a case of mistaken identity. The murderers had to take aim at the eight-month pregnant woman and her four little girls. They had to pull the trigger. And please don?t tell me this is the same as killing a known terrorist and ridding the world of a rabid beast.

What do you think would be the international reaction if this had happened any where else in the world, to another woman and her kids? The world would be outraged, and rightly so.

Is it possible the world is used to violence and terrorism against Jews? Are we just a group of expandable nomads? I pray to God the answer is no!

What then? Are people so afraid of terrorists they choose to look the other way when the acts of violence are not directed against them?

People are fond of quoting Jesus (by the way a JEW) as saying ?turn the other cheek??.but I ask you friend: what are you supposed to do when you run out of cheeks?

About Edie J. Adler:
Edie J. Adler, a writer and comedian, is an Amiga de LatinoLA, and a regular contributor.

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