Now I understand that look in your eye

By Ivy
Published on LatinoLA: May 17, 2004


eh you it's me
that immigrant girl
yes, that one that before
couldn't understand
a single word from your mouth,
but that understood
the look in your eyes.
eh you it's me
the one that used to wear
payless shoes at 16
and 3 for ten dollars shirts
at school...
the one that understood the way
you smiled.
eh gringo now that I see you
you remember me,
I am not a girl anymore,
a career woman I am
now I understand
that look in your eyes
and now that I see you at 26
you still smile the same way
and I finally understand
what you kept asking in the
10th grade....
eh you, it's me
Yes I would go out with you...

About Ivy:
e-mail add: ivygery03@aol.com

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