Carlos Conejo: Latino Master Sensei

Consultant busts cultural barriers

By Leonor McCall-Rodriguez
Published on LatinoLA: May 26, 2004

Carlos Conejo: Latino Master Sensei

Carlos Conejo, an internationally recognized management consultant and author is a Master Sensei, or teacher of Lean Enterprise, helps organizations bust through barriers that typically set them back with their multicultural employees. As the only Hispanic management consultant working with Cultural Transformation and its effect on employee productivity and process improvement, he has been recognized and inducted to the Latino Speakers Bureau, who will represent him as of May 1st.

His experience has shown that it?s hard enough to get any workforce involved, let alone multicultural employees that may have preconceived views regarding discrimination, may come from countries with oppressive regimes, or simply have language, cultural or education barriers. Carlos Conejo helps multicultural employees get fully involved in identifying the Seven Deadly wastes and eliminating them in any organization, and then gets multicultural employees involved in implementing the improvements.

?It?s one thing to present case studies that happen somewhere else, but most employees, even if they are functionally illiterate have the expertise and experience to understand their role in the workplace,? says Conejo. ?What employees lack are the necessary tools and skills which promote true teamwork, increased communication and collaboration and a process which promotes sustainable change to prevent backsliding to the previous condition.?

Carlos Conejo?s programs prove that success in an organization is continued movement forward at such a pace that it would be difficult to even try to slow it down. One example is Toyota ? no matter how much better they are than their competition, they continue to find more and more opportunities to improve each and every year.

Lean is not born from what you see; it is born from how people think. Lean is a set of rules and principles, not just tools. Tools that focus on physical system and process changes. Conejo looks at the entire way of organizational thinking and helps the organization transform itself and its people so a new culture of continuous improvement becomes embedded in every person of the organization. ?One may fix one problem or process with a lean tool today, but if the old way of thinking continues, it will recreate old problems. Only new principles or beliefs change behaviors, not systems or tools. Sustainable lean change -- the kind that builds momentum -- comes from the mind and heart of all employees. This is what I call ?tapping into every mind vs. tapping into everybody?, explains Conejo.

Carlos Conejo continues an 8-year career in all types of manufacturing and service industries including aerospace, high-tech, medical devices, military, healthcare, travel, sales and marketing. Previously, he held National management positions in sales for major travel and healthcare companies.

Conejo elaborates: ?With Lean Enterprise, we took one sales process from 18 months down to 3 months, and an international shipping documentation process from 9 days down to 4 hours. Lean works both on the manufacturing floor and the front office. In fact, if one simply reduces lead-time in manufacturing by 90% and can get product out in hours, but order entry takes four weeks, then you are not really moving forward in the market. We must attack every corner of the business from accounting to engineering, to sales, to human resources to achieve success,? he concludes.
In addition to Lean Manufacturing-Enterprise and Workforce Transformation and Development, other programs offered by Carlos Conejo include: Tapping the Explosive U.S. Multicultural Market; Coaching for Results; Power Marketing; Motivating your Latino Employees; Effective Multicultural Marketing; Marketing to Emerging Markets; and Recruiting Multicultural Employees

?The Latino Speakers Bureau is proud to induct Carlos Conejo to its group, as we pursue our mission to unite top International professional speakers. Carlos is a fine example of a professional with multicultural expertise, who promotes the concept of Lean as a framework for enterprise transformation, a message relevant and critical for all industries and enterprises around the world,? says Leonor McCall-Rodriguez, President of the Bureau.

For additional information, bookings, demo and speaker kits, contact Leonor McCall-Rodriguez.
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About Leonor McCall-Rodriguez:
California Hispanic market consultant, founder & President of Mira Promo and the Latino Speakers Bureau. Author of Reinventing Yourself in the Face of Change, and Cuentos de Juanita La Ranita, a collection of children?s books in Spanish.

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