Twenty Years of Love

Footprints of past, present, and future elusive as their time on earth

By Gloria Pimentel
Published on LatinoLA: June 1, 2004

Twenty Years of Love

On Father?s Day
I sit alone in solemn mood.
Wave after wave slaps the rocks,
music notes waltz energized by sultry air,
overpowered by children?s laughter
playing in nearby pier.

Along the warm, sandy beach
child and father walk, hold hands.
Footprints of past, present, and future
elusive as their time on earth
are washed away by frothing waves.

The child savors strawberry ice cream
giggles with pure delight, stops?
Eyes sparkle like brand new diamonds,
?Daddy, want some?? she offers
pink cream on lips, nose and chin.

Legs bend, lips kiss the smiling face,
father and daughter unite in tender hug.
A playful wave touched by the scene
fans under them and wets their legs
he jumps; she laughs, both walk away -
their love reminds me of bygone days.

I leave the rocks wobbling through soggy sand.
My naked feet leave behind deep footprints,
sea breeze caresses sunburned skin.
I walk slowly, there is no hurry -
at home awaits a flag folded neatly in a drawer;
twenty years of love sleep among its folds.

? By Gloria Pimentel
June 1, 2004

About Gloria Pimentel:
Gloria is a resident of Southern California and a fan and avid LatinoLA reader. Happy Father Day!

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