Cyber Love Affair

Don't care for much reality

By Diego F. Palomino
Published on LatinoLA: June 2, 2004

Cyber Love Affair

Please don?t misunderstand this, it isn?t that I,
Have trouble with commitment, or issues with trust
The truth is that I care for you, I crave for you
I fantasize with spending my whole life with you

Believe me when I tell you, the time we share together is
A fairy tale, a fantasy not easy to let go
Believe me when I tell you, the love we spend is magical
And I don't want to let it be, just ordinary love

Cyber love affair
Is all we?ll ever get to be,
Cyber love affair
Will always be our fantasy,
Cyber love affair
Is all we?ll ever get to be,
Cyber love affair
Is all you?ll ever get from me

Please don?t be disappointed, is not everyday
We realize the magic of a perfect time,
A time when we can lose ourselves,
Believe in love, release our souls into the arms of ecstasy

Believe me?

Cyber love affair?

Internet love is not what I wanted,
Yet I will settle for just the chance,
The magic moments we share together,
Are precious memories, just yours and mine

Cyber love affair
Believe in total ecstasy,
Cyber love affair
Don?t care for much reality,

Fantastic love is in my agenda
I will not settle for something less,
That?s why I choose to preserve this moment
And not just be ordinary love

Cyber love affair...

Believe in total ecstasy...

? 1980 Soumino Songs BMI All Rights Reserved

About Diego F. Palomino:
Diego F. Palomino (joe Cumb?) is a singer songwriter residing in LA. His band Cumbeley is winner of the LA WEEKLY's Best Salsa/Latin band award.
Visit His project at http://Cumbeley.com

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