Why do you not finish what you have already started?

By Jezli Pacheco
Published on LatinoLA: June 14, 2004


My race that is color without a face
The one that becomes all
But never quite with the insiders
Never quite of use for the outsiders
Breaching borders as it is persecuted
Swallowing the pandering of the powerful
Short of change and short-changed
Corrupted by the possibility of a new reality
Expecting acceptance after back breaking labor
Quietly moving into the quarters from your daily toil
The fear of your prolific progeny in the air
Strong portent that the lines might have to be redrawn
Unknowing of the leverage you wield
On the pockets of your feudalistic sirs
Even as they attempt to tamp down your fervor
More of you mills out a small living
From the lowliest fruit vendors
To the sold out shows of your rowdy musicals
Walking slowly but with decision
Marching into the very steps of the capitol
Breaking ranks from the nameless masses
Rushing out and breathing the green backs
Asserting yourselves and full of capacity
You always seem to leave me in a quandary
Why do you not finish what you have already started?

About Jezli Pacheco:
Jezli Pacheco is an artist whose work can be located at the:
Book & Gift Pavilion 2234 S. Figueroa St. LA, Ca 90007.
www.geocities.com/jezli www.cafepress.com/uptownexpress
contact her at

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