We Are All Real People

Paul Saucido and LATV's VJs are changing the image of Latinos on television

By Valeria Berumen & Lorena Villegas
Published on LatinoLA: March 11, 2002

We Are All Real People

In a recent chat with Paul Saucido, "LATV Live" VJ, he tells us how the young Latino cast of LATV Live are entertaining and changing the images of Latinos on television. With their diverse backgrounds, Paul tells us: "We are making history. There is nobody with the rich and deep perspective of what we are doing."

LATV Live is a nightly video program that broadcast on KJLA Channel 57. It airs from 8 pm to 10 pm. They play videos in a wide variety of Latin styles from Rock en Espa?ol to Ranchera ballads, to Reggae and Hip-Hop.

"There are a total of five LATV VJs, all unique and different Latinos all contributing to the Latino melting pot," said Paul. "Myself a fourth generation Pocho from Santa Monica; Giovanni Blanco, a Dominican from New York City; Patricia Lopez, a Mexicana from Orange County; Tricia Cruz, the All American Chicana girl from West Covina; and Melisa Gonzalo."

"We are all real people. This is how Latinos look and talk today."

Paul tells us that the best part of his job is giving back the culture. Even though at the beginning of his run on LATV Live he was not fluent in Spanish, he says there was no language barrier to overcome "because music is like food. It's one of the few things that you do not have to know how it is made to know that it's good."

He tells us that he sees a trend in Hollywood toward Latino actors, and shares with us some of the changes he has seen Hollywood make during the past ten years of his acting career. "As actors we were told to change our last names just ten years ago, but that is not the case now. We are hot property."

"I think that in the Southwest of the United States we are the default standard, and we are not a minority. We might be a minority mentally, but definitely not in mumbers. We are at a leveled playing field. Now lets show them what we can do!"

Well, Paul is just a really nice guy trying to make his mom proud. He graduated from Cal State LA, with a major in Literature and a minor in Chicano Studies. He told us he is currently working on a one man show. Another one of his achievements is that he completed the LA marathon just 2 week ago. Congratulations, Paul.

We recommend you check out Paul in action on LATV Live, or go to their web site at http://www.LATV.com for more info on Paul and the rest of the crew.

About Valeria Berumen & Lorena Villegas:
Valeria Berumen and Lorena Villegas are interns at LatinoLA.com

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