Thank You, President Reagan

Although the country has suffered a great loss, the heavens have been blessed by your presence

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: June 8, 2004

Thank You, President Reagan

America was reeling.

Hostages in Iran. Ambassadors kidnapped and killed in Afghanistan. Sandinistas establish communism in Nicaragua. Communist subversion running rampart in Central America. Cuban troops in Angola.

Libyan dictator Qadhafi ordered bombings in Germany against American Servicemen. North Korea ships fired at American vessels.

America had reached its lowest point in its history.

Here at home there was a shortage of gasoline. You could only buy gasoline on odd or even days depending on your license plate. There was a sugar shortage. A meat boycott due to the high prices. We were both at home and internationally in a world of pain.

Then a hope a voice appeared and we believe in his message that ?the best is yet to come?. His name was Ronald Reagan. He told us that we could achieve greatness once again and we believe him.

He first warned the Libyans and the North Koreans. When warnings were not enough he took military action against them.

In Central America he stopped the advancement of Communism. In Nicaragua he toppled the murderous Sandinista government by supporting the Contras. The Sandinistas finally faced and election and lost. And they have lost every election since then.

In El Salvador and in Guatemala he supported the legitimate governments of those countries. Today the FMNL has not won a Presidential election in El Salvador and in Guatemala the vaunted UNRG of Rigoberta Menchu won 2% in the last Presidential election. Barely enough to qualify as a party.

In Angola President Reagan supported UNITA and Cuba eventually pulled out of Angola.
At home oil, sugar and meat shortages ceased to exist.

In Europe President Reagan challenged the Soviet Union by proclaiming the Star Wars program. Gorbachev blinked and the Soviet Union and eastern Europe were freed from the jaws of communist oppression. Without firing a shot.

Thank you President Reagan. Although the country has suffered a great loss, the heavens have been blessed by your presence.

It was an honor and a privilege to have lived in American during your presidency.


Gerardo Ruvalcaba writes:

The selective memory of the Reagan demagogues never ceases to amaze me. This article by Alberto Marrero Salas is typical of the glorification that we?ve all had to endure since the announcement of Reagan?s death. As usual, Reagan is given credit for everything short of creating the world in seven days. But in praising the god-like figure, Reagan demagogues always seem to leave out inconvenient details, such as the fact his actions were once condemned by the World Court as state terrorism and that the US was ordered to pay billions in restitution to the Nicaraguan government for the damages sustained during Reagan?s illegal covert war, or the fact that in ?stopping the murderous Sandinista government,? as Mr. Salas writes, Reagan illegally provided military aid and training to death squads who?s terror directly lead to the death of nearly 50,000 thousand peasants. In fact, several hundred thousand of Central America?s elderly, woman and children were slaughtered by the Reagan militias during the 1980?s for trying to exercise their God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, an idea that is fundamental to this great experiment we call America.

Finally, before you light a candle for Reagan tonight, we should be reminded that Americans soldiers are dying everyday in Iraq to destroy what once was a symbol of President Reagan?s idea of freedom and democracy, Saddam Hussein. While we vilify Saddam today, when Saddam slaughtered half a million Shiites, he did so with military and chemical weapons supplied by President Reagan.

So on behalf of all the American soldiers dying in Iraq and the countless families whose lives were destroyed in Central America, I would like to say, ?Thank You, President Reagan!?

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Alberto Marrero Salas, born in Cuba, American by choice. Director Estamos Unidos Los Angeles Wilshire Branch.

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