Dale GAS

If you haven't seen this show, what are you waiting for?

By Kinan De la Rocha
Published on LatinoLA: June 16, 2004

Dale GAS

Only 6 more show of "GAS" are left........

Have you seen this amazing show?

Well if you have, if you liked it invite your friends, if you did not like it, invite your enemies.......and if you haven't seen this show, what are you waiting for! Head down to the Eastside over the bridges and see this amazing show...hurry up there's is only 6 shows left...

GAS is a play about love overcoming racial differences. It takes place in Las Vegas, NM and is centered around Guillermo Martinez, a 17-year-old Chicano who is dealing with his mother getting married for the first time.

Not only that but she's marrying an Anglo.

Oh no!

Guillermo hangs out at the local gas station with Frank, the quirky gas station attendant from Oklahoma who has basically been Guillermo's father figure since he came to Las Vegas.

Janel, a 23-year-old 1/2 Chicana, 1/2 White woman comes into their lives when she stops at the gas station to get some gas. She is escaping her problems back in Las Cruces. She's forced to hang around these two characters for quite a while as her car is stolen from the pumps while she's inside the store trying to pay.

The play ensues with Guillermo and Janel getting closer and further apart as they deal with their differences. There is a lot to laugh at in the play as we also see the adventures of the stolen car. We see the thieves take the car and then the car gets stolen from them.

By the end of the play Janel and Guillermo fall for each other, Frank wins the lottery and buys them both cars, and the true identity of Guillermo's real father is identified. He's not puro Chicano like he thinks he is.

Everything seems to be in line and everyone will accept each other for who they are, not what racial group they belong to.

GAS last 6 shows run from - June 18,19,20 & - June 25,26,27th @ Casa 0101 Theatre. 2009 E. 1st St., LA, 90033.

Friday and Saturday's @ 8pm and Sunday @ 3pm

Reservations strongly recommended...

for information call: 323-263-7684

About Kinan De la Rocha:
Kinan is a resident of Los Angeels Eastside Jungles of Boyle Heights/East.Los Angeles. A Poet and Artist for the Eastside Movement....Currently working on his first album under ALMO SOUNDS...LadoEste Dreams comes out January 2005

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