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Readers responds to Gwen Stefani, Latino Troops Have Parents and My Friend Liz

Published on LatinoLA: December 8, 2005

Letters to El Editor

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Re: "To Gwen, With Love, But I Don't Dig It" by Susana Sanchez at

Teresa Ivey writes on 12.8.05
"I just finished watching the newest Gwen Stefani video "Luxurious" which is a remake of an Isley Brothers song. I watched in awe as I saw her dress in 1970's chola fashion, three dots on her cheek, long red nails, dark outline of her lips, boxers sticking out of her pants and the 70's M hairdo. So now it is in fashion to be Latina? She is also wearing a Virgin de Guadalupe tshirt which is shockingly ripped down the middle. She ripped the Virgin in half! Then she changes her hairdo and she is suddenly Frida Kahlo. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and just started to laugh. I am curious to find out what everyone elses thoughts are on this video? Are we going to see this fashion come alive with O.C. suburban teenagers?"

Re: "Latino Troops Have Parents" by Saul Landau

Lupe Ramos writes a response to: John D'Aquisto (See below) on 12.6.05:

"A nation attacked has the right to defend itself and the armed forces are the defenders of our nation?. This is one of Mr. D?Aquisto?s written sentences in his response to Landau?s article, and it is exactly what the Iraqi people are doing for their occupied nation. Many of us have been misinformed by our corporate-owned media outlets and government, and many have gobble up these lies and repeated them. Mr. D?Aquisito is one of those poor gullible souls who walks around with blinders and follows only one path. Our own government has admitted this sovereign nation had nothing to do with 9/11. Everyone knows approximately 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11. The lies and errors of our government has caused the lives of over 2,000 service men, and it caused the lives of over 100,000 innocent children, women, and men, not including Afghanistan. The lies have caused the torture and disappearance of thousands of people and it continues. Do not close your eyes, do not act like you cannot hear, and do not fear to question. The founding fathers of this nation opened their eyes, they heard, and they questioned a lot when they went up against King George. This war was preplanned way before 9/11. The lies began with George Bush 1, continued by Bill Clinton, and overblown by George Bush 2. Our leader will retire comfortably in a few years. He will live in his modern Crawford mansion with a huge and comfortable pension. Our soldiers, who survive this travesty, will return to find no work (except for Wal-Mart) no pension, no homes, no benefits, no future, and no answers to their problems. This is not counting the soldiers who have been maimed and/or traumatized for life. The surviving Iraqi women, children, and who have to endure the madness and destruction of their nation are ignored by our corporate media and the Mr. D?Aquisitos of this nation thinks only our nation must be blessed by God. We love our troops and their families. Love means we care for them. Love means we want them to live. Love means we want their mothers, fathers, girlfriends, wives, sons, daughters, grandmothers, grandfathers, and friends to see them alive, healthy, with good jobs/careers. We want them in our nation when we have disasters. We want our heroes alive and home. Let us not be selfish and ignorant and let us be considerate, informed, and may God bless the world."

Re: "Latino Troops Have Parents" by Saul Landau

John D'Aquisto writes on 12.5.05:
"Desperation describes the mood of hundreds of thousands of Latino parents whose kids serve in war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq." Assuming that there are 200,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and using a high figure of 15% as being Latinos that would equal at most 30,000 Latino soldiers. Last time I checked each person has two parents. Assuming that brothers do not exist in the armed forces this would be a total of 60,000 parents. That is a far cry from "hundreds of thousands". Accusing the President of lying using lies is absurd. We have all forgotten the 3000 of our fellow citizens who were murdered by Zarkawi and his buddies. That one day tally exceeds even today 4 years later the total number of deaths in Iraq. Since 9/11 there have been no more attacks in the United States.
Who cares about WMD's? Torture of Jihadists? The corrupt leadership of the U.N. who made millions by doing business with Sadam in the oil for food scandal. Our primary concern must be keeping the terrorist from attacking our families in the US. Everything else is secondary. Attacks on the US are the only real measure of success in Iraq. We are killing them there. Instead of having to fight them here. Leaving Iraq with all of its assets in the hands of the Jihadists is sheer lunacy. We are making progress. It is a sad fact of life that when a country is attacked the armed forces (in this case voluntary) have to defend that country and soldiers die. Each death is a tragedy. I believe that the parents of our servicemen Latino, blacks and whites must all be sick with fear and desperation. We hope and pray for the safe return of our servicemen. A nation attacked has the right to defend itself and the armed forces are the defenders of our nation.

Re: My Friend Liz by Marina Reyna at

Isabela writes on 12.3.05:
Wow, impressive, what a wonderful story and description. I bet Liz's mother appreciated her daughter having a friend. So many people stare and feel sorry for mentally retarded children, even other children make fun of them. Your friend Liz is beautiful forever a child and innocent. This would make a wonderful book for children to understand Down's Syndrome.

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