Critics, Reagan/Bush and the Truth in Politics

Dedicated to the late Fernando Oaxaca

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: July 2, 2004

Critics, Reagan/Bush and the Truth in Politics

George Bush should be reelected due to his leadership during the disaster of 9/1/1. No president has ever faced the challenge of 9/11.

The country took a trillion dollar hit. The major airlines were going bankrupt. The stock market dived and fell over 1000 Dow points. It was George Bush who led us out of the darkness.

He gave us leadership at the most crucial time in the history of America.

He saved the airline industry. With his actions he stabilized the economy and the financial markets. And make no mistake as the financial markets go so do our jobs and our futures.

The idiots who want to destroy ?corporate America? haven?t got a clue as to where their employment comes from.

War in Iraq. A war that Kerry voted for and supported.

Bush?s critics say ?We demeaned Iraqi prisoners.? Probecitos, boo hoo. We demean..the other side decapitates.

His critics say that there was no connection between Saddam and the terrorists.

Saddam paid $10,000.00 to the families of suicide bombers. I would rather have a demeaned Iraqi than a family member killed by a terrorist bomb.

Weapons of Mass Destruction...the U.N. inspectors who had been forced to leave Iraq in violation of U.N. resolutions assured us that they existed.

History, the gassing of the Kurds and the Iranians by Saddam also proved that they existed.

War for oil? Not so. We liberated Kuwait and didn?t ask for a drop of oil.

We now have a number of Monday morning quaterbacks who have solutions to the problems. It is easy to replay the game when you know the outcome.

Ronald Reagan and Central America. The Critics say that he funded a war against the people of Central America. He supported death squads. He funded the war against the Sandinistas.

As Gomer Pyle would have said ?Surprise, surprise, surprise.? We were at war with the forces of communism. In Central America the guerrillas were using AK-47?s provided by the Soviet Union via Cuba and Nicaragua.

These were not peasants, indigenous people, or farmers. These ?compa?eros? had the capability of downing planes and helicopters with SAMS provided by the Russians, the Cubans and the Sandinistas.

If Ronald Reagan was wrong, why is it that in El Salvador the FMNL could not win ONE state (departamento) in the last Presidential election? Not even Morazan which was a guerrilla stronghold during the war.

If Ronald Reagan was wrong why is it that the ARENA party, a party founded by Mayor D?Abuinsson supposedly the leader of the dreaded death squads has won every Presidential election since the signing of the Peace Accords?

In Guatemala, Rigoberta Menchu the goddess of human rights failed to denounce the genocidal killing of the Miskitos Indians in Nicaragua by the Sandinistas.

She recently opposed the government of Guatemala for ?politicizing its vote? in the U.N. as the government of Guatemala voted against the jailing of 75 dissidents in Castro?s Cuba.

Apparently, according to Ms. Menchu some Indians are better than others.

Her party the UNRG won a whole 2% of the vote in the last Presidential election. Rios Mont who is accused of genocide won over ten times more votes than the UNRG.

In Nicaragua, Reagan forced the Sandinistas to hold an election. An election that they promptly lost as Violeta Chamorro defeated Daniel Ortega, the head of the Sandinistas and the darling of the Hollywood left.

So I ask you, how wrong was Ronald Reagan?

In Central America, the FMNL the UNRG and the Sandinistas have lost every election that they have participated in. These groups tried to IMPOSE a system of government that the people opposed.

You may hate Bush but we have not been attacked here in the U.S. since 9/11.

You may hate Reagan but to claim that he was wrong on Central America is a farce. He defeated the communists. And the votes of the people proved him right.

These are the facts. Everything else is rhetoric.

July the 4th is two days away. Happy Birthday, America. You are without any doubt with all your faults, the greatest, fairest nation that has ever existed on this planet.

God Bless America!

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Alberto Marrero Salas, born in Cuba, American by choice. Director of Estamos Unidos Los Angeles Wilshire Branch. email:

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