Renaissance Man Francisco Lorite

Actor, producer, director is called the Latino Edward Burns

By Mona Elyafi
Published on LatinoLA: July 10, 2004

Renaissance Man Francisco Lorite

Most young people who try and break into the film business meet with little to no success, but not so with Francisco Lorite. Breaking into the business by writing, producing, directing and starring in his own movies, Lorite has often been called a Latino Edward Burns for his muti-faceted filmmaking/acting abilities.

He secured starring roles in the independent feature films "Riffed", "Upside Down" and "Seventh Heaven", as well as a part opposite Academy-award winner Adrien Brody in "Love The Hard Way." In addition to his acting credits, the talented Latin actor wrote, produced and acted in six award-winning shorts and two feature films on behalf of AND WHATABOUT US, INC., the production company he co-founded. Two of his shorts, the dark comedies ZAP and SKINDEEP have enjoyed international broadcasting success and circulated the Festival circuit amazingly well.

A true Renaissance man, whether behind the scene, in front of the camera or on paper, Lorite has done it all. With the upcoming release of his latest short "Cuco Gomez-Gomez is Dead!", which he wrote, directed and acted in, and the completion of the two full-length scripts "Jackpot" and "The Gig", this young talent is certainly poised for a breakthrough year.

"Cuco Gomez-Gomez is Dead!" is the 10 minute fast-paced and fun whodunit short about the title character, the gentlest of the residents in a live-in hotel, and the intricacies revolving around his mysterious murder. The story enfolds through a series of interviews of his meddling neighbors, who are all convinced they know who committed the crime. The short gathers an all star-cast of talented Latino actors including Marilyn Sanabria ("Between", "Three Bad Men"), Marlene Forte ("Real Women Have Curves", "The George Lopez Show"), Enrique Arce ("Showtime?s Fidel", "Beyond Re-Animator") and Patricia Rae ("Maria Full of Grace", "SwimFan"), among others. Set to be screened in September at an exclusive event in LA, the short will then hit the festival circuit.

Lorite?s two screenplays, "The Gig" and "Jackpot" although dealing with different topics bear the trademark signature of Francisco?s creative genius.

Co-written with Lorenzo Gabriele, "Jackpot" is a madcap comedy about roommates Martin + Jane + Pop who finally get a chance to make all their crazy dreams a reality: they win the lottery --$57 million! but who, after partying all night, cannot find the ticket anymore?

"The Gig", penned by Lorite alone, focuses on Glenn Knox, a struggling actor itching for his big break. Glenn finally gets cast as the lead role in a thriller...There is only one problem, it?s a snuff film. Glenn will have to play his part to the death - it?s kill or be killed by the rest of the cast - for real- in front of the cameras.

Since his recent move from New York, Lorite?s ride on the Hollywood roller-coaster has been an adventurous and productive one. This talented actor, writer, producer, director is comfortably able to wear all these different hats and do it with panache. "I write so that I can produce; and I produce so that I can act parts that I truly enjoy", claims the young artist?certainly a luxury not a lot of people in Hollywood can afford to take!

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