At the Rusted Fence

Here I go in the start of my dangerous journey

By Norberto Brice?o
Published on LatinoLA: July 12, 2004

At the Rusted Fence

"En el nombre del padre, del hijo, y del espiritu santo..."

I pray just before I go.

I leave to a better place.

The journey of my life; my lifetime's race.

I go in search for a better future.

I want the reward of this long lasting venture.

I will start with a clean slate,

though right now, it might be a little late.

I will go through the grueling process,

but the reward will be the start of my success.

I start a new life,

for me, my kids and my wife.

I do this for them and their kids.

I won't take any chances; I will not place anymore bids.

I will do this for my grandchildren and their grandchildren.

I will be the turning point of this family; erase all of my burden.

I want to succeed in what many others have not.

Though it may seem nothing to you, it is for us quite a lot.

Here I go in the start of my dangerous journey,

my life, my future, my harmony.

I look at the fence with eyes of bravery.

I take one last look behind, looking as far as i can see.

I put my hand on the rusted metal,

thinking of all that I will settle.

I climb this rusted fence,

thinking 'all of this makes perfect sense'.

I leap over the metal and rust,

bounce back on the dirt, creating a cloud of powerful dust.

I look at the land as far as I can see,

my eyes filled with hope, ambition and harmony.


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