Steppin' Out in Style

Sitting around just listening gets old

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: July 16, 2004

Steppin' Out in Style

It's no secret..I love music, and I love to dance. My family & friends love music, and they love to dance. I have been blessed to meet people from different parts of the Country & the World who love music, and who love to dance. It's a nice alternative to life's many divergent involuntary pulls at our personal time, no matter where you come from, no matter how old you are, no matter what your tastes in music are.

Yes indeed...things have come a long way since our ancestors first picked up some stones & sticks and started rockin' out under the moonlight. There's a tune & melody for everyone, that either makes you tap your foot, humm, or sing softly to yourself. The monotony of boredom to me starts with the lack of music. Commercial psychology has cashed in on this phenomena for decades, music being one of the most consistent common denominators in the World, and one of the most artistic achievements of humankind.

That being said, I have to comment on how my travels have revealed to me so many unhappy people who continue to focus on "chasing the dragon" of life, while boring themselves to early old age & new body pains. Sitting around waiting for "later" till their workload gets easier, when they get time, till they make more money, till they lose weight, till the kids get older, when their mate "feels like it", till something's happening close to home...or the worst excuse I've heard for not stepping out: when it's free!

The weather is getting better, and there's music and entertainment events happening all over (yes, and a lot are free!), so why sit on the couch eating nachos, widening your buns, wearing the same underwear for 2 days, and not enjoying yourself for just a little while? Step out! Live life ! Get out of the house! BREATHE!

I had an uncle-in-law who worked his ass off most of his life, pinched his pennies to save up for a rainy day, stayed home 50 weekends a year, and complained how life sucked for him while he was taking care of his family. (Made everybody miserable with his bitching, too!) He talked about how he was going to retire early at 55, and then life would begin for him! He hated music as "noise" and never wanted to learn how to dance.

... his wife left him before he was 50, his 2 daughters ran away and eloped, and he died in a trafiic accident only 2 months into his retirement at age 55. Was this a way to go out, after all his waiting? Where's the payoff, man? What fruit did his sacrafice bear?

Not in his honor, but his daughters and ex-wife are some good people to party with since they all left him. They miss him, feel bad he left this world the way he did, but are living life. I still run across them from time to time...

Not that I'm encouraging everybody to party till poverty and ignore responsibility, but I do say, music & dancing do beat the hell out of misery & boredom. Having a good time sure beats having a bad time, or no time at all! Getting old is a frame of mind, and life is just too damn short to wait around for something to happen, when you can make something happen yourself!

With this in mind, I encourage you all, my beautiful Gente, to check out the calander page on this and many other websites, check out the local papers, listen to the radio, find somewhere to go, and go! Do yourself a favor and enjoy life, on life's terms!

I have met so many young returning war veterans who lament how miserable the civilian populations of other countries are, having to duck bullets, fear bombs and survive the night in darkness & silence... aren't you glad we live in the good ole' U.S. of A?

Take the time, dress up, step out, and hook up! What are you waiting for?...a bomb or retirement?

About Frankie Firme:
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