How Do You Say 'Puro-Pedo' in English?

Chicano Journalist to start own paper

By Andy Porras
Published on LatinoLA: July 21, 2004

How Do You Say 'Puro-Pedo' in English?

Recently asked to call it quits as the editor of a Spanish section in a Northern California daily because ?there is no Hispanic Market here,? (more than 42 percent of the county is Latino) I have decided to launch my idea of Latino communications in print.

Thank all of the respective Gods for blessing me with four children who are in ?the business.? and are willing to give me a hand now and then. Jos?, is a graphics editor for the local CBS-TV affiliate, Andrea, runs an arts program for the city and is a PR/sales expert, Dominick is a fantastic photographer with scholarships to prove it, and our baby girl just got her degree at UCSB with a minor in communications.

Oh yes, Mama Porras (Josie) has a degree in Spanish, and is our official proofreader and general peace- keeper. Collectively, I have a staff available on weekends and after hours. I myself will be selling some of the ads and do most of the writing.

So there, WASPish-newspaper-establishment, you may be about to have your worst media nightmare!

Anyway, I was explaining the situation to a prospective advertiser and he asked me, ?How do you say ?puro-pedo? in English??

When I stumbled into an answer that sounded sort of lame to him, he told me why he wanted to know. He was penning a letter to the editor of the daily and wished to use the phrase in the letter?s contents.

?Are you sure ?hot-air,? is strong enough?? he asked. ?To me it sounds more like BS, spelled out!?

I don?t know if he sent the letter or not. But the fact is that if he mentioned me or the name of the Spanish section, it probably was sent flying into the editor?s round file.

Asi es - that?s the way it is - in the real world of journalism for Raza writers. Hey, but having being around this biz for nearly half a century has to have taught me a lot. Pretty soon, I?m going to put it altogether and let it rip.

I was fully aware that the only reason Latinos in that area came into the daily?s offices was because they could find a friendly round and brown face to listen to them.

Well, the community is going to hear from them again. Only this time it?ll be on our gente?s terms.

And much louder.

Wish us luck, gente. We?ll keep you informed. Orale.

About Andy Porras:
Porras (pictured) is a freelance writer and speaker living in Sacramento.

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