Nacimiento: A Beginning of Creation

"We hear unification?the heart and sweat of Slowrider?

By Abelardo de la Pe??a Jr.
Published on LatinoLA: March 17, 2002

Nacimiento: A Beginning of Creation

I asked Mariluz for a phone interview with someone from Slowrider. They just released their second CD, ?Nacimiento? and I?ve been listening to the advance CD for about a month, and I keep coming back for more.

I get paged last Thursday while I?m having dinner with la familia. It?s Olmeca, calling from Cal State LA?s Chicana/Chicano Resource Center, where he spends time and contributes.

He?s been Slowrider?s vocalist since 2000. The band was founded in 1995 by Moises Ruiz and d.Gomez. Besides creating and performing with Slowrider, Olmeca?s also with hip-hop crew Acid Reign. Oh yeah, he waited until I finished eating to talk, and like me, he had a pretty good cough and cold going on. I?m sure he?s going to be in vocal shape in time for their CD release party this Thursday, March 21, at the hot and happening Echo at 1822 Sunset in Echo Park.

I asked him about the album ? cut by cut -- and this is what he told me:

?Nacimiento?it?s about creating a new begining for Slowrider. New ways to make music, new ways to get it done. It?s full length album, a new spirit of where we?re going and how serious as band we are, connected with society. Creating is always collective. Every member could come with an idea and we worked with it until it was over.

?Once We Travel?: That comes out a concept by me and d. gomez. I had a concept: ?Once we traveled threw dark and narrow paths.? d. Gomez decided what he wanted with the music, the construction and the process. It?s sung by Martha (Gonzalez of Quetzal). Martha has been someone that is cool, passionate about music, about life, and connected on a deep level of spirituality.

?Comptom BMW?: It?s kind of a weird, crazy concept that was brought up by our former sax player, Vince Meghrouni and guitar player Jeremy Keller. It was personal for him becaue he spends a lot of time in Compton with his girl.

?Frozen on Concrete?: It?s from my brethren Alex Montenegro. I felt that song was talking about homeless people. He had a deep conversation with a man on Venice beach. He came to us with the name.

?The Hierarchy of Drugs?: A song more personal to Carlos Zepeda, our guitarist and vocalist. In his life, he has seen a lot of that going on ? choatic -- in his neighborhood. He felt that drugs are a powerful thing. And like, you know, you don?t need to hear the voice to tell you what?s it?s all about.

?Pobre Bueno? - Another concept by Carlos. It speaks about the beautiful and poor people, who don?t need more than in necessary. While the rich feast on materialism, the working people -- the beautiful people -- don?t need a luxury car, only something that goes from Point A to Point B. There?s a big distance between 90 percent that are more accustomed to spirituality than the 10 percent that are willing to indulge for the sake of indulgence.

?Fused together (Hypnotic)?: That?s my company, my crew, Acid Reign. The objective was to fuse together the two, straight up, with live instrument and live voices. It?s my version on how we deal with politics. It?s a straight out song

?Nacimiento?: Creation. This was mainly Vince Meghrouni, Dan Glucand and everybody else. They gave the song that title because that?s what it sounds like.

?Beeatch!?: No comment on that one. We had discusson with that one. We get all kinds of reactions. Nothing to do with de-feminizing humanity.

?Vicio?: An older song, created by the entire band with vocals by C Zepeda, with lyrics regarding a women?being attached to one, like a habit you can?t get rid off. And the trials and tribulation that it entails.

?Teardrops?: A concept that me and Carlos were messing around with, and it turned out to be a song. When a women leaves you, when you have an argument with your women and she?s got to decide. It brings tears to your eyes.

?The Playpen?: The song sounds fun, doesn?t it? Just have a good time. Relax!

?Time?: Song lyrics by me that basically talks about everything that deals with time. For example, people work around the clock, day in day out, no time to chill out to think abut life. ?I would like to do this, but I just got off work.? If everybody in the world would stop, time would become irrelevant. Watch the glass crack down.

?Viva?: It promotes life, a fusion of all kinds of different influences that the band has. The song implicates: to live life, relax, listen, dance to life?live life. Don?t worry about things. Live life. Conclude to yourself what life is all about?it?s just not about money.

We got a lot of new stuff that we?re going to play at the Echo. People are asking ?Why are you making a big deal out of it?? We hear people wanting it. We hear unification?the heart and sweat of Slowrider.?

About Abelardo de la Pe??a Jr.:
Abelardo es el editor de LatinoLA.

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