The Jimi Hendrix of the Accordion

Steve Jordan pumps the squeeze box like no other

Published on LatinoLA: August 1, 2004

The Jimi Hendrix of the Accordion

Espa?a in McAllen, Tejas was the place to be.

With an enthused crowd Steve Jordan was just as he is known, ?A Master at Work?. It never ceases to amaze me how much talent this man has. Stemming from jazzy tunes to his ever popular and repeatedly requested selections, the Jimi Hendrix of accordion pumped that squeeze box like no other! All types of people sat and enjoyed this exceptional artist play his fast but exceptionally smooth intricate chords.

The scene decorated in soft mauve lighting stringing from lace patterned vines. The tables and chairs laid out as in a quaint picturesque caf? in Spain. The waiters all dubbed in their crisp attire, so attentive and the hostess as beautiful as can be imagined. Full of delight the crowd nonchalantly swayed in their chairs as they enjoyed this brilliant virtuoso?s musical composites.

King Jordan is much to be proud of, he has taken his music to a different dimension and has grasped audiences of all calibers. On one side of the patio sat Hector Aristo a well known Artist and promoter of The Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos Collective Art Show. Right in front of him was Joe Ontiveros, Freelance Photographer from McAllen - - which by the way did an excellent job covering the evening?s photo shoot and capturing the accordion master?s performance on video.

Just beside them was prominent attorney Jose Luis Ramos from Rio Grande City accompanied by a couple of what I understood as physician friends and to the front of them was Mario Ordaz former bass player for Los Frijoles (not to be confused with Los Frijoles Romanticos) and TUFF band, presently a well known horse trainer in the Rio Grande Valley.

In the company of great friends (George and Mary Salda?a) I watched excitedly as my husband Mario Gonz?lez joined the ever challenging musical talents of the Jordans. Glancing to the stage, I was so pleased and extremely proud of him. For it?s been said that not just anybody can play as precisely as Steve requires. To the left of him, I watched teary eyed at Stevie III (who had slowly recoved from encephalitis 3 month ago) holding his guitar so confidently and as the music began, watched him do an excellent job.

I couldn?t help but thank God at that very moment for blessing us with Stevie?s presence and proving that miracles do happen! If there is one thing to be said it?s that Steve Jordan has raised two fine young gentlemen. He has done an excellent job of passing on his gift of musical potency, virtuosity, and much to be respected talent and they growing as mavens do make Dad proud! Mere words can?t describe these two ultimately talented and inspiring ?Artistes?.

As the evening progressed, Steve Jordan?s rendition of Luis Miguel?s ?Sabor a Mi? was quite a winner with the lovely ladies and sure had some of the suit clad gentlemen browsing for a dancing partner; however, maintaining themselves while enjoying the soothing sounds coming from the stage. At one point a couple who could stand no more..... stepped to the dance floor and entertained the crowd with such sophistication, their moves intertwined with the elegant scene and unbelievable sound. The next few songs brought forth the ever popular ?Nunca iras al cielo? ?Piris Wiris? - ?Mira nadamas?- ?El Alacran? and ?Ahora?. I saw some people clapping in tune as others swayed to the beat in their chairs. It was definitely a magnificent performance and everyone was enjoying it to the fullest!

The second set, brought Steve back with potent fervor soothing the crowd with a splendid jazz selection. Including ?Georgia? and ?You Keep Me Hanging On? at one point you could?ve sworn the Jordans had a horn section on stage, yet that?s what this remarkable man does. He can bring out so many different sounds from his accordion and can make it seem as though he has a whole orchestra on stage! Wowing his audience just as he has numerous times.

A few more rhythmic blues and the ticking of the clock....... The King of Accordion finished his set and wished everyone well. I thought, oh my gosh its too soon! There is no way this establishment could?ve just teased us with a couple of hours...... then again, I heard the waiter state that they had to abide by the law and keep it to a minimum due to the strictly enforced ?Noise Level? law. Well, at least we were pleasantly soothed on what is usually known as a quiet, nothing going on Monday evening.

About DHOC:
MaryAnn "Mariana" Gonzalez (DHOC, Die Hard Onda Chicana) freelance writer, involved in promoting Tejano music, awareness and la raza and lifestyles in Tejas.

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