Lets Drop Those Bombs

It?s easy to hate because it?s their fault I?m poor

By Jesenia Chavez
Published on LatinoLA: August 13, 2004

Lets Drop Those Bombs

The invisibility, the reality, the dehumanization, without empathy,
Like the killers abused as children, like Manson and the uni-bomber and the Colombine kids, no empathy
Like the cholo in the barrio who?s lost his soul,
Like the businessman on wallstreet who?s lost his soul,
The president in the office who?s lost his soul,
And the everyday well meaning person who has no empathy, because there is so much fear and hate.
The other, the dehumanization, a brown face, a black face, a white face, a pussy, a penis,
Body parts but no soul and no heart.
We dehumanize, no empathy.
It?s easy to hate because it?s their fault I?m poor
It?s their fault I got laid off
It?s their fault.
Sub-human, I can hate you because all I know is that you?re illegal,
You?re a criminal, you?ll rob me, and you?ll rape me
You do drugs, you have a bunch of babies, and you take my money, you welfare whore
And lets drop those bombs and cut those social services
Lets drop bombs and deport hard working people
Lets drop those bombs and get those terrorists, those students, those mothers, those fathers, those who choose to think critically,
Lets drop those bombs and deport Mexicans, hold innocent middle easterners at Guantanamo Bay,
drop those bombs because I hate you, because it?s your fault, because I have no empathy
my soul shaped as a dollar sign, sitting in the oval office because I feel sub-human
because there is nowhere else to turn, because your face is evil, because I hate you, let?s drop those bombs.

About Jesenia Chavez:
una chicanita
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