Mi Cumbia, Mi Salsa

Bailando comes so easily when the senses erupt

Published on LatinoLA: August 10, 2004

Mi Cumbia, Mi Salsa

Para bailar mi cumbia, tan facil que sera, pero si tu no lo sabes nena, te en--se?o. Para bailar mi cumbia, para bailar mi salsa.....

Have you ever listened to that certain song that makes you want to dance no matter the place? Well Ramiro "Ram" Herrera?s ?Mi Cumbia, Mi Salsa? does exactly that to me. Somehow that song has magical powers. As soon as I hear it, the music flows through my ears and sweeps me off my feet and before you know it, I?m moving what momma gave me and swaying my hips in rhythm.

With a little bit of latin, cumbia, salsa flavor.... Ram Herrera is evident of Tejano Music at its finest. The horn section, los timbales, y la accordion, su musica tiene tanto sabor.

Since I was a little tadpole, dancing and music have been one of my biggest passions. I remember my eldest brother telling my sisters and I. ?If the music moves you, don?t be shy, get up and dance, it?s not gonna hurt anything.? ?Music actually makes the heart stronger and the body firmer.? Let me tell ya, we haven?t stopped dancing yet. Now I know why they would call us the family of dancing bears, you just played music and we were all dancing en ritmo.

Sure brings me joy when I listen to compositions de nuestros musicos. Those priceless pieces of work that seep through your skin and excite the senses and make you dance like no one is watching. Whether you?re the first one on the dance floor or the only one all over it. Dancing is a quality everyone has..... Only with us it?s a bit more smooth and appealing..... You know what I mean (*wink*). Not to mention the fact that it surfaces physical and psychological delight!

Our sensational music has so many sounds, from the bass to the electric guitar to the trumpet to the acoustic cowbell, the drums, and the infamous solos of the accordion, nuestra musica is unique and authentic! Que no se diga that our musicians don?t know what to dish out, it?s in our blood. From the sounds generated through the eras, de Mike Laure, Sonny Ozuna, Little Joe, Latin Breed and so many others that have meshed their influences of jazzy salsa and musica orquestal. A blend of flavor with a tad bit of alegria and a whole lot of tiempos bailables. Our artists sure gain admiration with their ability to achieve excellent results!

So when it comes the time to listen to that favorite song on your stereo, cd player, turntable, or whatever conveys those wondrous audible sounds to your senses........ Turn it up, watch your blood pressure level, your heart pump with excitement, and your body turn into a lean mean dancing machine!

About DHOC:
MaryAnn "Mariana" Gonzalez (DHOC, Die Hard Onda Chicana) passionate writer, involved in promoting Tejano music, cultural awareness and la raza and lifestyles en Tejas (maryanngonzalez@lycos.com)

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