Warrior-Poet of the Fifth Sun

a book of Chicano Poetry

By Luis A. Lopez
Published on LatinoLA: August 14, 2004

Warrior-Poet of the Fifth Sun

"As a Chicano by culture, I have a tendency to look around me in the literary world hoping a young latino/a jaguar appears, their mind scathingly cool and hot cutting through the luke-warm room temperature poets of our times. Bored by the paltry mediocrity of much poetry from wedding cake Poet Laureate props to ghetto smack-down hip-hop sessions, imagine how pleased I was when I read Luis L?pez's poetry. It is real, crafted, exploratory and useful in the literary sense, it combines to create unique voice, its images are vital to the context of our age and it has a strenuous if not desperate sense of trying to make sense of the chaos, the violence, the racism, the lies.... I look forward to seeing the progressive development of this wonderful poet..."

Jimmy Santiago Baca
author of "The Importance of a Piece of Paper" (Grove/Atlantic) and "Winter Poems Along the Rio Grande" (New Directions)

"The voice of Warrior-Poet of the Fifth Sun is a compelling and desperately needed one. The words - intrinsically beautiful in their own right - speak to important political and social issues. L?pez moves smoothly from the Chicano to the Brown to the Latino to the Human experience. He is able to explore these identities in great depth with simple carefully crafted phrases. The pages of this book advance through different styles, as stream of consciousness meets hip-hop meets the e-technology of our time. The emotional range - from exuberance to melancholy - make the reading an exhilarating experience. Anger turns to joy which turns to sadness as the reader turns the pages. The work is inspirational. Through his poems, L?pez tells his distinctive story - yet the words resonate from so many perspectives that the poems invite readers to interpret their own individual experiences through them. This multivocality makes the book a must-read for anyone interested in exploring identity. Powerful!"

James Vreeland, Ph.D.
Department of Political Science
Yale University

You can read more information on the book here: http://aztecpoet.com

About Luis A. Lopez:
Luis L?pez, born and raised in the diverse population of the Bay Area, now resides in San Jos?, CA.

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