The Super-sized Mariachi Steals the Show

At El Reventon Super Estrella 2004

By Martha Bernal
Published on LatinoLA: August 17, 2004

The Super-sized Mariachi Steals the Show

??Otra! ?Otra! ?Otra!?

Those were the chants of the thousands at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim for Super Estrella?s Reventon. Although those types of cheers are typically shouted out when the performer leaves the stage, the crowd could hardly contain their enthusiasm to cheer for another song, often while the artist was still on stage.

The best line-up the Reventon has seen in years included La Ley, Caf? Tacuba, Aleks Syntek, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Paulina Rubio and Pepe Aguilar. The festive atmosphere made the arena seem more like a club than a concert venue. Indeed, the music was loud, people were singing, drinking and dancing in the aisles. The crowd didn?t seem to notice that the concert did not start on time as repeatedly promised on air by the station?s DJs in the weeks leading up to the event.

Early on in the concert, Aleks Syntek pleased the crowd with more than his usual hits by managing to sneak in a few disco classics and an unexpected rendition of Outkast?s ?Hey Ya?. La Ley followed with an energetic set that saw frontman Beto Cuevas running around the stage to lead the crowd through many of the Chilean group?s hit songs. Always a crowd favorite, Caf? Tacuba delighted the sea of fans with their vigorous performance capped off by their Boy-Band-esque coordinated dancing.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the crowd favorite clearly was Pepe Aguilar. One might think that the mariachi star would not fare as well as the edgier rock musicians in the Reventon lineup since the concert, after all, was for Spanish rock and pop radio station Super Estrella ? Yet it was Pepe who stole the show. Perhaps it was because he was at the middle of the show when people?s energy was at its peak, or perhaps alcohol consumption may have played a part in the success of his melancholic songs. All in all, it was his professionalism and stage presence that made him a favorite. He sang some of his most famous songs and the crowd seemed to know and sing along to each one of those songs while holding their drinks up in the air. One female fan enjoyed Pepe?s performance so much that she decided he was worthy of her going without a certain undergarment for the rest of the night. Indeed, Pepe was so well received that he was obliged to come back to the stage to answer the crowd?s plea for another song. ??Otra!, ?Otra!, ?Otra!?

La chica dorada graced the stage with her set of pop tunes. As the second to last performer, Paulina Rubio revived the crowd with her energy. Or maybe what revived the crowd was the suspense of wondering if the air fan she posed in front of while she sang would blow up her tiny skirt. Whatever the case may be, after her performance, the crowd was pumped up and ready for the closing act.

La Oreja de Van Gogh was dealt the unenviable task of closing the late, late, late show. The Spanish group took the stage more than an hour behind schedule and thanked the crowd for sitting through a long concert and waiting until the end to see them perform. They did not disappoint. La Oreja sang all the songs that made them one of the most successful bands to come out of Spain. The crowd, whose energy was waning, managed to pull it together and sang along to the entire set.

My praise to Super Estrella for the line-up this year and one suggestion for the line up next year: ??Otra! ?Otra! ?Otra!?

About Martha Bernal:
Martha Bernal wishes she was a rock star.

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