Sacred Seasons

Not lucky coincidences or hunches but this was the gift of intuition

By Rakael Agrawal
Published on LatinoLA: August 17, 2004

Sacred Seasons

I wish I had this remarkable story on how I realized my gift of clairvoyance but unfortunately I don't. I didn?t have God or Angels coming in my dreams to tell me about it. I always knew that there was something different about me and it became more and more evident to me when I was in my 20's. I had a sense of ?knowing? ? knowing how things and situations would turn out even before they manifested. I couldn?t explain how but I just "knew" it. As time went on I soon realized these weren?t lucky coincidences or hunches but this was the gift of intuition, later only to becoming the gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience.

Years ago I started my spiritual journey by reading tarot cards for friends and family. At that time pursuing spirituality as a full time profession was the furthest thing from my mind. With an MBA degree in hand, I was headed into the corporate world. I was taught to make decisions based on logic, facts and data. But I found myself using my ?gut? more than logic many times. I often wondered answers to spiritual questions such as- what is my true purpose in life ? is it simply to grow up, get educated, get a job, get married, have a family and leave the world or was there something more, what were the mysteries of life and the after life. Curiosity of the unknown and personal crisis led me to look beyond the practical veil and pay attention to this innate sense of knowing.

I decided to really explore this avenue after a series of hard lessons were dealt to me by life ? very painful relationships, breakups and an illness that nearly claimed my life. I enrolled myself in the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Northern California.
Although I never personally questioned spirituality I knew that there was a plethora of readers out there that made a living out of answering 900 lines and reading scripts when people called. Curious and grief stricken I had had my run in with these fakes and truly gifted alike and that was my introduction to the psychic world.

Through this entire process, I felt I was being asked to pay attention to something I had chosen to ignore. I found my life?s calling and I started providing spiritual readings professionally. The more I moved forward, the more doors opened and just then I got my confirmation that I was home, I found my ?real purpose? in life.

I founded my company Sacred Seasons with the sole purpose to assist people in their own life and spiritual journey through self empowerment and personal growth.
Intuition is a gift that we all possess and I feel drawn to help all those who seek, tap into this sense.
Intuition and spirituality is like an uncontrollable spout, once it's open the information just flows and the key is to utilize this information in your life, even to make day to day decisions.
To me this becomes like the instruction manual or a map that lay buried until we found it.

I am an empath and I specialize in reading and connecting with people's emotions, intentions and feelings. I enjoy reading relationships of any kind whether it?s love or family or friend or even at work. I also particularly do well with money related questions ? negotiating a salary when going for an interview, getting out of debt etc.

Having had the kind of personal, professional and educational background, I am not your average 900 calling line reader. I am very direct and straightforward in my approach at the same time being gentle and compassionate. I like to offer insight that is simple, understandable and realistic in it?s approach.

I do believe that we all have our LIFE lessons to learn and sometimes they can be hard and no amount of psychic insight can shield us from those completely. BUT when you develop your OWN intuition ,YOU can definitely make that process A LOT EASIER TO LEARN . How? When we are aware of our true selves and have that link with that source (source of this universal intelligence) above, we know how to recognize and be aware of the message or the lesson that is intended in a particular personal crisis. And if we?re not ready, not only can we convert our problems into crisis but also create unnecessary pain by BEING and CREATING that situation over and over again.

About Rakael Agrawal:
Stay tuned for more information on her work and beliefs and her first book she?s in the process of writing?????for more information please visit www.sacredseasons.com

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