It Should be a No-Brainer

This election isn?t about Republicans vs. Democrats

By Alejandro J. Diaz
Published on LatinoLA: September 2, 2004

It Should be a No-Brainer

It should be a no brainer ? George W. Bush should lose in a landslide come November, in reality he should probably be impeached. But according to pollsters the race for the highest office in the land is still up for grabs. So I?ve decided to pose a question in its simplest terms to all Americans. Is Dubya good for America?

First of all - I was always under the impression that this country stood for hard work, fairness, truth, and equality. At least that?s the image that we?ve promoted to the world the last couple of hundred years. So let?s see here - George W. Bush comes from a very-well connected and privileged background. This alone of course, is not a bad thing. Some of the greatest men in American politics came from the upper classes. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Robert F. Kennedy quickly come to mind. Yes, they were wealthy, but more importantly, they were visionaries. George W. Bush on the other hand has used his pedigree solely for his own advantage. From failed business dealings, to avoiding Vietnam, to the presidency. In other words, he is the complete opposite of what America is supposed to stand for

Secondly - George W. Bush?s agenda clearly favors the elite, who by the way only make up a small portion of this society. He keeps insisting that his tax cuts will benefit all by trickling down. But the facts do not support this whatsoever. One-third of Bush?s tax cuts have gone to people with the top 1% of income, who earn $1.2 M annually. They received an average tax cut of $78,000.00 while those earning about $57,000 a year were getting an average of $1,090.00. Seems to me that everything is trickling up. The administration likes to boast about the economy but there were only 32,000 jobs created in July. And the fact that recently there were over 500,000 unemployed or underemployed applicants for just 3,000 positions in the Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA ports is yet another example of how misplaced Bush?s economic ideals are. He will not waiver though, he?s pushing for the tax cuts to become permanent.

Thirdly - Shouldn?t we trust that our ?Commander in Chief? will not send our young men and women into harm?s way unnecessarily? As I write this, there have been close to 1,000 soldiers killed in Iraq and thousands more injured. President Bush said that we invaded Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction that endangered our well being, and he also alluded that Iraq was somehow connected to the 9/11 tragedy. Well, to this day no WMDs have ever been found and no concrete evidence has ever shown a connection between Hussein and Bin Laden. So as difficult as it is to grasp for many people, George W. Bush, our President, deceived his own people and hundreds lost their lives because of it. All the while those responsible for the murder of 3,000 individuals on American soil go unpunished. And by the way, under whose watch did this occur anyhow? No one was ever held accountable for this miserable security failure either. There is a reason why this country is divided today more than in any other time in modern history.

I always say that there are two types who will vote for George W. Bush, the very rich and the very much in denial. For the former it?s a given why they will vote for him, he is their man. But it is mind-boggling why anyone else would vote for him. He has done nothing at all to earn their support.

His tax breaks favor the wealthy.
His policies in general benefit Big Business.
He professes to be a ?Born Again Christian.? But isn?t Jesus about peace, humbleness, and justice?
He calls himself the ?War President? but when it came time for him to fight for his country he opted not to, and no, he was not a conscientious objector either.

This election isn?t about Republicans vs. Democrats rather it is simply about doing the right thing. Maybe it isn?t a no-brainer after all. If people would use their brains the least bit they would see that George W. Bush is no friend.

About Alejandro J. Diaz:
Alejandro J. Diaz is a writer who hopes people will do the right thing come November.

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