Cantinflas Animated

First of three DVDs to launch in August with additional releases in the fall

By Brenda Salas,
Published on LatinoLA: September 4, 2004

Cantinflas Animated

BCI and Rebel Crew Films have partnered to release Cantinflas Show, a DVD collection of Spanish-language animated films featuring Mexican comic legend Cantinflas and created by the legendary American animation house Hanna-Barbera. Having never been released on home video, these timeless classics are a treasure for Hispanic families, young and old alike.

The first installment of Cantinflas Show series consists of three volumes (Cantinflas Show: Lugares Famosos, Cantinflas Show: El Cient?fico and Cantinflas Show: Artistas Famosos) will hit video stores on August 24, 2004. Additional installments are to be released in the fall of 2004 and early 2005. The Cantinflas Show DVDs are on sale wherever DVDs are sold and retail for $9.98 each.

?This is a very exciting initiative for BCI Eclipse,? said Greg Glass, Senior Vice President. ?Hispanics are avid consumers of home entertainment products such as DVDs, especially product that brings them nostalgia for the icons of their childhood such as Cantinflas.?

?Hispanic parents in the U.S. will also appreciate the DVDs as a way to teach their children educational messages,? says Cesar Chatel, President of Rebel Crew Films. ?The DVDs also give Hispanic parents a chance to introduce their children to Cantinflas, a beloved comic legend from Mexico who is famous around the world.?

The Cantinflas Show series was originally created in the late 70?s by Mexico?s own beloved Mario Moreno ?Cantinflas? and the legendary American animation house Hanna-Barbera. The educational animated series Cantinflas Show consisting of thirteen volumes showcases everything from the world?s most prominent inventors, scientists, artists, musicians, the Seven Wonders of the World, and history?s most important figures as well as sports and astronomy.

The first 3 volumes of Cantinflas Show animated series will feature 8 cartoons with enhanced audio and video to preserve these beloved shows. The following is a breakdown of the cartoons included in each DVD:

El Cient?fico (The Scientist)
1. Edison
2. La Electricidad (Electricity)
3. Energ?a At?mica (Atomic Energy)
4. El Petr?leo (Oil)
5. La Comunicaci?n (Communication)
6. La Imagen (Image)
7. La Carta (The Letter)
8. Museo Antropol?gico (Anthropology Museum)

Lugares Famosos (Famous Places)
1. La Estatua de La Libertad (The Statue of Liberty)
2. El Parthenon (The Parthenon)
3. El Gran Muro de China (The Great Wall)
4. La Torre de Londres (The Tower of London)
5. Notre Dame
6. La Torre Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower)
7. El Muro del Llanto (The Wailing Wall)
8. Canales de Venecia (The Canals of Venice)

Artistas Famosos (Famous Artists)
1. Leonardo da Vinci
2. Michelangelo
3. Rembrandt
4. Velazquez
5. Picasso
6. Chopin
7. Caruso
8. Goya

A small man with big ears, a distinctive moustache, pants that never stayed up, and a jaunty little cap cocked upon his eternally mussed hair, comic actor Cantinflas is beloved throughout the Spanish-speaking world and considered the Mexican Charlie Chaplin Chaplin himself hailed Cantinflas "the world's greatest comedian." Like Chaplin, Cantinflas' frenetic brand of slapstick was as balletic as it was athletic, leading others to compare him to Buster Keaton. His ability to combine humor with pathos was also decidedly Chaplin-esque, while his portrayal of the cocky, optimistic, but na?ve little guy evoked Harold Lloyd. Unlike the great silent funnymen to which he is compared, Cantinflas worked during the sound era. He usually played a smart-alecky peasant or average fellow and was famous for weaseling out of trouble with the authorities by overwhelming them with intimidating pompous machine-gun speed monologues that while sounding gloriously informed, signified absolutely nothing.

About Brenda Salas,:
Brenda Salas is Vice President of Reyes Entertainment

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