Suspicious Minds

Will Governor Schwarzenegger sign the driver's license bill?

By Edward Headington
Published on LatinoLA: September 2, 2004

Suspicious Minds

Forty-five years ago, when driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants was allowed in the state of California and another Republican actor impressed audiences with a rousing and triumphant performance, the King of Rock 'n Roll released 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Wrong. There were over 15 Elvis Presleys adorning the cover in shiny gold suits with the implication that the American people wanted his brand of rock 'n roll music.

Today, there are over 15 California newspapers that have editorialized in favor of the new driver's license bill, The Immigrant Responsibility and Security Act--some more than once. They range from the Los Angeles Daily News to the San Francisco Chronicle but the message is clear: they support the new driver's license bill and want the issue resolved.

When Governor Schwarzenegger returns to California, he will have the opportunity to sign into law the strictest and most secure driver's license bill in America. Indeed, it can be the gold standard by which other states approach the issue. It just depends on whether he wants to wants to move
the Golden State forward or take us back to the days of "separate but equal" with his continued demand for a discriminatory mark. Many in the community are asking "Doncha' Think It's Time?" while legislators whom he promised he would address the issue are saying "I Got Stung." Let's hope the governor is honorable and keeps his word because we can't go on forever with
suspicious minds.

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