"Support the George Lopez Show!"

Mid-season replacement featuring Latino comic premieres March 27

By Carlos San Miguel
Published on LatinoLA: March 21, 2002

As you may or may not know, next Wednesday (March 27), ABC TV will be premiering a new sitcom starring Latino comedian George Lopez. This is major news in the world of Latino entertainment and especially for "TV history" and yet only one of the many websites has any information mentioning this new show (and even then the information is scheduled for the wrong date!!!!)

This does not help an eager Latina/o public who wants to see themselves portrayed on TV.

If this show has any chance of success it needs the support of all the "Latina/o" websites and the public in at least helping to advertise the show via emails or putting it up in your calendar listings or something so your readership can be aware and starting planning now to watch the show next week and decide if they like it or not.

Who knows, maybe the show isn't that funny? Hopefully, it is though. If you do not make the public aware of this new show no one in the "general media" will do it for us and the show will likely fail like the sparse few Latino shows that have come before it.

A few weeks ago when "American Family" first aired, everyone was gung-ho to
support it initially but now here is another show we need to support to give it a fighting chance and publicize as much as possible and yet none of you seem to care to even put a small blurb or link to the ABC site. (Editor: See below)

The show does not air until next week so there is still time to inform your website readerships ASAP, since the only real publicity has been short promo spots on ABC.

I implore you, please get on top of this and make it a priority to place info about the "George Lopez Show" on your front page ASAP (in big bold type even). Or better yet contact ABC and ask them to give you an interview or send you a press packet or something so you can even include pictures and/ or info about the supporting cast, etc. I feel certain the supporting cast will make themselves available for an interview if George can't do it himself.

Below is the only info that ABC has on their website (and a photo of George Lopez). At the very least put up this info right away and keep it on your front page until the show premieres. The potential success of this show and what it can mean for future shows starring Latina/os is certainly more important than the latest outfit J.Lo is wearing or "gossip news" about Enrique Iglesias.

If I seem to be harsh, I don't mean to be, I just really hope that the show is good and that it succeeds, but it needs your help so the public will know about it before next Wednesday.

From http://abc.abcnews.go.com/primetime/preview/george_lopez.html

"Bruce Helford, co-creator of ABC's long running hit comedy series The Drew Carey Show, and actress/producer Sandra Bullock (Speed, Miss Congeniality) have teamed up to executive produce George Lopez.

Popular stand-up comedian George Lopez stars as an assembly line worker promoted to manage an L.A. airplane parts factory whose job and busy family life are complicated by the presence of his stubborn, insensitive mother."

About Carlos San Miguel:
Carlos San Miguel is an actor and writer.

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