What Lola Wants, Lola Gets!

There are no in-betweens for this talented artist

Published on LatinoLA: September 25, 2004

What Lola Wants, Lola Gets!

Lola Anthony is one name people will want to remember as she readies to embrace the second half of 2004 hitting the big screen with the highly anticipated motion picture "Between" (Opus Films) - an intense film venturing into an unknown world between "The Sixth Sense" and "Memento".

From impressing Tito Puente at age five with her contagious dance moves to interrupting Pedro Almodovar?s press conference in Miami stepping on the podium to read the latter a note of gratitude, the sexy brunette surely puts a whole new image to the word "charisma". She is raw, passionate, sexy and impulsive but most of all she is talented.

In less than a year from her move from Manhattan to Los Angeles, Lola secured numerous acting parts including a large co-starring role in the FX?s hit drama series "The Shield", a role as a young orphan on ABC?s "All My Children", and a co-lead role in the critically acclaimed play "Sex, Shame and Tears" performed at the Hollywood Met Theatre.

Emerging through the years as a woman of great stature she now finds her nest in the big Hollywood sky among such shining stars as Poppy Motgomerry ("Without a Trace"), Alana Stewart, Patricia Reyes Spindola ("Before Night Falls"), Dany Pino ("Cold Case")and Jose Yenque ("Traffic"). But what do all these names have in common? They share the screen with Lola Anthony as she renders a breakthrough performance in the upcoming motion picture "Between".

Directed by David Ocanas for Opus Films, "Between" is a chilling psychological thriller about a young American lawyer (Poppy Montgomery) who goes to Tijuana, Mexico in search of her missing sister, and is immediately caught inside a labyrinth of reality and deception. Shot on location the movie succeeds in keeping the audience engaged providing a nice tension between the characters. The story by David Ocanas and Robert Nelm, written by the latter, is very reminiscent of the thriller-like and suspensful momentum mastered by Alfred Hitchcok. It unites an ensemble cast of great talents in an environment that compliments so flawlessly the overall plot of the script. Lola?s groundbreaking performance as "Maria", a beautiful, mysterious and tenacious young woman who assists Montgomery?s character in her search, is bound to create more than a buzz around her.

Always attracting the intricate, complex types of character roles, Lola Anthony consistently lives up to the challenge. Her flexibility acting wise to jump from one personality to the next has often being compared to the likes of young veteran actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron.

Poised for a breakthrough year, we will most certainly be seeing a lot of Lola and hearing her catchy name as the actress is on the verge of being catapulted to the top ? after all, there are no in-betweens for this talented artist because what Lola wants, Lola gets!

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