Grandpa: Does it Hurt to Get Old?

The half century mark isnt' painful at all!

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: September 28, 2004

Grandpa: Does it Hurt to Get Old?

When I was a young man, anybody over 35 was considered old & middle aged.

When I hit 35, I couldn't believe how young & good I still felt, despite entering the "old fart" realm of my youth's misconceptions. I became a grandfather at 38. My whole perception of time & age began to change.

When I hit 40, I was still out there, boogalooing and good timing it, while quietly noticing that Gente my age were slowing down & diminishing in numbers.

By the time I got to within a nickle of fifty, I had lost several friends and relatives that I thought would share the world with me forever. For health reasons and other unforseen occurances of life, my old circle of family & friends was getting smaller. So I used the only common denominator I knew among different generations, music, and began my personal crusade of "bringin' it back, and keepin' it alive". Many of my favorite songs were passing the 30 year mark, and I refused to let them or myself get dusty.

Yet, I wasn't feeling any older. Being blessed with pretty good health & maintaining a healthy (well, most of the time) lifestyle since I became a diabetic, asthmatic, grey haired, good looking grandfather, I still get out there 3 to 4 times a month, still boogallooing. (aka "boogying down" or "gettin' your boogy on" to that younger set)Still puttin' that smile on my Lady's face.

I have been lucky to meet Gente my age & older from different parts of the World that also haven't given in to the age factor yet.

Last year, I wrote a couple of articles bemoaning the scourge of alcohol & drugs on our people. A couple of my friends said "Frankie...you're taking the world too serious, ese. Live a little, man"....all 3 of these friends have died of health related causes in the past year. How more serious can you get?

Hey, I'm no angel, but I can't see drinking, snorting, & smoking to stupidity on a daily basis as a good time. A couple of drinks, some good music, and I'm on the dance floor on week~ends for sure, but I lost sight of what fun it was to "get locote". And daily? Shee-it! You betta ask somebody else, Gaylord!!

Getting sloppy drunk, loud, or loaded in public is not impressive. As a former stage & club bouncer, I can't tell you how many people made fools out of themselves in public, or missed the point of a well deserved ass whuppin' while over doing it....I also can't describe the pain , loss and remorse felt when some of these people came up dead or permanently crippled.

Letting your health go to the point of using "old age" as an excuse to explain away various body aches and social avoidance is also not impressive. Again, reaching back to my younger days memory, I can't see scarfing down half the menu at King Taco or McDonald's, and washing it down with a 12 pack, just before calling it a night anymore. Then to use the "I gotta work out" statement that never comes true...well, do you get where I'm going with this?

"Party till you puke" used to be the slogan of many in the 1970's & 1980's. They were "Party animals", till they all started dying or getting real sick. How come none of them are around saying "..and puke till you die?"

I guess there's not a lot of money & sexuality in reality beyond those lame TV shows, huh? Ever notice how beer, liquor & nite club commercials only show young, healthy people? Where's all the loyal, sick, and dying customers they have accumulated over the years?


Ahhhh....now that that's off my chest, hittin' 50 soon doesn't sound so bad. Watching my health and staying healthy, while still having good times is not a bad idea.

I 'm still gonna be out there...and I know I'm not alone! Who wants to join me?

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme spins the finest Oldies but Goodies & Latin Soul Music for only the finest Old farts, this & every Thursday on www.kclafm.com at 6:oo pm, pacific time.
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