Barrio Stock Market Report

Taquitos up, empanadas stable, weed fluctuating

By Daniel Lopez
Published on LatinoLA: October 2, 2004

Barrio Stock Market Report

100104-barrio stock market report:

Now from our command post here in sunny downtown Kingsville, here is urbano yosabatodo..

Hello big spenders.How are we today. Well its Friday and paiday for many. Of course those that are expecting a check due to some other reason, just hang in there, it's in the mail. I always have problem on payday. Just don?t know how to save money?. Shoot man there aint never enough money to save!

Los taquitos have had a jump start here lately. We noticed a sign que said two taquitos and a cup of coffee for $2.25. Now that a slight jump on price, but all indicators show que los taquitos will not go up on price till next year. For some reason taquitos do not go up on price during the holidays.

Los tamales are a different story. Los tamales do go up and down on price during the holidays. At the present time tamales are going for $5.00 a dozen and are expected to go up to $6.00 for the holidays. But several tamales brokers are a bit worried because the hood, well our side of the tracks are thinking of passing that city law were folks couldn?t make tamales at home. That is still pending. Here we go again con ?El Tamale War of 1997?

Las empanadas have remain kind of stable since this passed March where they too a jump from .39 cent each to .59 cents each. I promise we will never ever again see them at four for a dollar.

Now for that market ? that we can?t say ? has been really unstable. Since the raid at Los Primos Bar and Grill and the cops finding at least twenty pounds of weed, it has been kind of hard to locate any at a reasonable price. But there are always those folks that are willing to take the chance and providing all those who need it for medication. A twenty kind of still looks like a twenty.

And finally cheap beer. Several years ago esta pincha vato from somewhere in Dallas was complaining que beer was too expensive at bars. So we did and still do recommend that you buy a twelve pack of the cheap beer around a drink several at home before you go out. Then jump on that car que you are still paying on and stick your head out the window and drive at about 75 mph.now we do guarntee que you will have a buzz before you get to the bar. Now the new hairstyle you got is free. Cheap beer remains stable at $3.65 a six-pack.

Ok raza got to go and do have fun this weekend and if you do go out don?t take all your money because that payment is more important que esta party con el shortly?

I am urbano yosabatodo: ?if you can?t eat it don?t buy it??

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