Keep the Old Music Alive

I have to commend all the guys that are still making that music today

By Christine Pimentel-Gonzalez
Published on LatinoLA: October 7, 2004

Keep the Old Music Alive

Where does the time go?

This weekend i'll be attending a reunion for the 90th anniversary of my Jr. High School that I graduated from 37 years ago.

As I go through all the "stuff" that I was able to salvage, from my life between the years 1964 to 1970, each little thing I move from one place to another, brings some kind of a memory back to mind, and I guess that's the reason that I continue to keep all this "stuff" that I really have no room for.

The point that I am trying to make is I grew up in the 60's, went to high school, and did all the fun things that were going on in those years, and of course attended all the big dances, and swooned and fantasized that maybe this will be the night that one of the guys in the band will notice me, and the next time I go to a dance, my dream will come true!

Well, that never happened but I continued to follow the dance circuit of the 60's in ELA and the surrounding areas. I couldn't wait for Friday to come just to see who I could catch a ride with, or who had an extra ticket to the Roger Young, or the Montebello Ballroom, or just maybe the Big Union, or The Kennedy Hall.

That was when music was music of the heart! We had the best of the best back then.

There's been nothing like it since, of course, it was just the thing we needed to take our minds off of what our guys were going through in Vietnam, and there was always that certain song that pertained to someone you where thinking about, because so many of our boys were fighting to keep it safe back home. So all we could do for them was tell them which bands were playing a particular dance, and they settled for that.

Now in my middle age, I can still enjoy the music of a simpler time, an innocent time when you could stand in front of the stage, and pretend that the likes of Little Willie G., or Frankie (Cannibal) Garcia was singing from the bottom of his heart right into your eyes, or try to persuade Little Ray, who thought he had "nothing." That he truly did have something!

Those were the best of times, and I have to commend all the guys that are still making that music today. They are continuing to keep a lot of us alive in these tough times of coping with getting older.

With all of the tribulations of the world, we still have or memories..... and our music.

Please guys, keep entertaining all of us grandmas and grandpas for as long as you can. We will always love and appreciate you for it.

About Christine Pimentel-Gonzalez:
Chris Gonzalez,
Belmont High School, L. A. class of '69/'70

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