Scribe and Investigator

Christina Z. weaves tales of intrigue and drama for the comic book

By Juana Camacho
Published on LatinoLA: October 7, 2004

Scribe and Investigator

Christina Z., the chart-topping female writer of Witchblade has left the real world of crime and investigations to weave tales of intrigue and drama for the comic book industry once again.

Her new project features the hot video game property BloodRayne in a one-shot titled Seeds of Sin. For those not in the know Bloodrayne is a female Damphir (half-vampire) with a soft spot for her human side and you can expect Christina's trademark edgy vein that made Top Cow?s Witchblade one of the most popular franchises to date.

The book tentatively includes Kody Chamberlain (30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales from IDW) on pencils, inks and colors lending a twisted dark and provocative feel to the character.

The release is slated for March 2005 on behalf of Echo 3 Worldwide, LLC through the Digital Webbing imprint line and Distribution is through Diamond.

Christina Z. started in journalism editing monthly columns and moved onto feature, news, entertainment and review writing for local newspapers. For four years she wrote the successful column Da Scoop for Los Angeles based, hip-hop bible, URB Magazine and was given accolades for exposing the subculture of the budding Rave community.

Christina then turned to the world of comics and is best known to her loyal fans through her success with Witchblade, a comic that hit the Top 10 four years in a row, was translated into eight languages, distributed internationally, made into a hit television series and there are now even talks of a feature film.

Says Christina, ?I left comics for a bit to gain a different perspective. I took up shop with the Office of Inspector General as well as the Department of Defense doing things I had only read or written about to understand it all in a real time application.

I audited child abuse cases and national satellite hacking. It was compelling but I am happy to be writing again and I now have so many fresh experiences with which to pull from?.

Christina Z is one of very few female, Hispanic writers in the industry and continues to do community outreach on literacy and creative writing.

Visit Christina Z?s website for further bibliographical data:

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