The Old Times

Thanks to Chris for memories

By Hope Duran
Published on LatinoLA: October 26, 2004

The Old Times

The recent article about the "old times" music (Keep the Old Music Alive by Christine Pimentel-Gonzalez at brought back so many memories that I had to respond!

Those were the days that we were young, innocent and naive, but really never got into too much trouble! The guys were gentlemen and they really knew how to dance...remember Hannibal and the Headhunters? How about the jerk and Philly? What about Little Caesar and Hunter Hancock, who just passed away in Claremont of all places!

We didn't have cell phones or pagers, but we kept in touch anyway. We knew where all the good parties were going to be on Friday and Saturdays, just by driving down Whittier Blvd. and heading to Johnnie's or the Root Beer stand.

Vietnam was only a backdrop and it became very real when our young friends and relatives went over and came back very changed, sort of shell shocked and we didn't know why? Is it my imagination but is history repeating itself with Iraq...I'm afraid so. Support our young people by speaking out and voting to bring them back!

I'm just a local girl, raised in Montebello/East LA with a heart full of memories and music.

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