Slow Your Row Homie

Response to Chicanos Define Yourself

By Bravo1
Published on LatinoLA: October 25, 2004

Slow Your Row Homie

I don?t usually stop to respond and check many articles but the ?Chicanos Define Yourself? article at http://latinola.com/story.php?story=2090 was more than worthy of a response. This individual calls himself Chicano but goes against every fundamental principal of what a Chicano/a is. I?m sure details might vary from Chicano to Chicano but I?m sure most will agree that it is not about being American or Hispanic, which this guy seems to glorify. I?m all for expression but there is just something in me that loves to correct ignorance.

First of all I must correct the brother on the word Xikano. ?Most people agree the term "Chicano" was first coined by Mexican - Indian migrants that could not pronounce "Mexicano" saying instead, "Xicano" Now how absurd does that sound? A Mexikan person that can?t pronounce ?mejicano?? I

Indeed many MeXikanos might speak an indigenous tongue as a first language but I'm sure they would know how to say ?mejicano?. Xikano comes from the word Mexika pronounced meh-she-kah (known as Aztecs in most history books), hence the variation to MeXicano, and thus Xikano. It is quite possible that it was dominantly used by many workers coming to North Anahuak but that is beside the point. Also, no need to differentiate Mexikan from Indian as Mexikans are indigenous people. Don?t forget also that Indians are from India not Anahuak.

This is where I thought the comedy would end but no. He goes on to say that he is not Latino but Hispanic and then he's Hispanic but not a Spaniard. Somebody smack me with a rubber tortilla if Hispanic does not mean Spaniard, and poor him that he doesn?t know Latino is the other side of the Hispanic coin. I don?t think I really need to get into this, I?m sure we all know that the terms Latino and Hispanic are European, anti-indigenous recognizing terms. I would expect a little more intelligence from a person that uses the word ?diametrically?.

I guess sometimes people don?t see a problem when they claim to be proud of their Indigenous roots but find every excuse to call themselves Latino/a, Hispanic, or American Many say ?for lack of a better word.? but what they really mean is lack of an easier word. Claiming indigenous requires a lil' more work and responsibility than those other European glorifying terms.

Im all for expression, respect and one defining his/herself but an American right-wing, Christian, Hispanic that claims Xikano. Come on now. I would have to say slow your row homie, read some real history, and stop hating your indigenous self. Wake up and recognize the abyss within you that is Mexikah (I say that as a collective term for the Nahua family of Indigenous peoples).

Much love.
Nikan Tlaka tiahui !

About Bravo1:
Bravo1 is really Miguel Bravo. He has many aliases such as Motekuhzoma3000.You never know who he's gonna be next. He likes to free indigenous people from self hatred and harmful terminologies.


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