Why I Will Vote for George Bush

He led us through the most difficult period in the history of this country

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: October 27, 2004

Why I Will Vote for George Bush

I really don?t care what the French, Germans, Spaniards and much less the United Nations think. The Europeans call him arrogant. Translation: Bush won't kiss their butts.

I do not want the security of my family decided upon a ?world test? as Kerry stated. I trust George Bush much more than Chirac or Kofi Annan.

I do care about my family. I do care about the slaughter of hundreds of innocent children in Russia. I do care about busses exploding in Israel. I do not want to live like the Israelis facing barbarous terrorist attacks on a weekly basis.

Saddam is no longer a threat to his neighbors. He is no longer able to terrorize his people. He no longer has the ability to pay $25,000 to the families of martyrs who have ?courageously? blown up a pizza parlor packed with civilians.

More than 75% of the known members of Al Queda are either in paradise with Allah or in American jails.

The terrorists are being fought in Fallujah and not in Los Angeles and New York. This includes the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.

Kerry says he has a plan for Iraq. He mentioned it time after time during the debates. But what is the plan? Maybe it?s a secret so Al Queda wont steal it. The French and the Germans have stated categorically that they will not get involved in Iraq no matter who wins. Where is his great alliance?

Kerry says "I would have." This is Monday morning quarterbacking as Kerry is making his choices after the results are known.

Kerry would have. Bush did. He made decisions at critical moments.

The attack on the Twin Towers produced over 3,000 deaths. The stock market plummeted. The economy was in shambles.

By using immediate loans, Bush saved the airlines and the travel and tourism business. Saved thousands of jobs, many of the jobs performed by Latinos.

By cutting personal taxes and issuing early credits for children, Bush stimulated the economy. With money in their pockets people bought goods, made investments, created jobs.

I would have, could have doesn?t count. I did is what counts.

No president has ever faced a situation like George Bush.

Our enemies wanted to bring America to its knees. They failed and failed they did because of the actions taken by President Bush.

Kerry proposes an amnesty. This is pandering of the worst sort as he knows without any doubt that it would never get through Congress. Bush proposes work permits that have at lease some hope of getting through both houses of Congress.

Bush asked for an extension of 245I. The extension would have allowed thousands of Hispanics to legalize their status without leaving the United States. It passed in the GOP-controlled House. It failed by one vote in the Senate. The vote, Bob Byrd, Democrat, West Virginia.

Cowboy, yes. Mangles the English language, yes. Led us through the most difficult period in the history of this country, yes.

And that is why I am voting for George W. Bush.

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Alberto Marrero Salas
Cuban by birth American by choice.
Immigration Law Los Angeles, California

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