...and now she cries...

Appreciating what you got after it's gone

By Danny Figueroa
Published on LatinoLA: October 27, 2004

...and now she cries...

...and now she cries. She sees him happy, she sees him smile the way she used to make him smile....and now she cries...he smiles now for another.

...she cries when she remembers the snooty way she treated him.
...she cries when she remembers the loyalty he once had for her.
...she cries when she realizes that she had a good man, didn't appreciate him, and
because of her hard headedness, she lost him.

...her jealousy and immaturity pushed him into another woman's arms.
...her small mindedness and refusal to talk at critical times made him
search for another with whom he could communicate.
...her refusal to look into him, and try to understand his needs, led him
to another .....more loving & tender than she.

...he told her he loved her, and she laughed.
...he told her he wanted to hold her, and she pushed him away.
...he told her he wanted to spend time with her, but she always
had "something to do"...
...he wanted romance, and she thought it "corny"...

...he has all he wanted , now....and she cries....and wants what she can
no longer have...a good man.

About Danny Figueroa:
Danny Figueroa is just an average guy from Bell, California.

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