Do I Care That You Are Stupid Enough To Vote for Bush Again?

In response to Why I Will Vote for George Bush

Published on LatinoLA: October 30, 2004

Do I Care That You Are Stupid Enough To Vote for Bush Again?

The last idiot typed a long ol' forum "Why I Will Vote for George Bush " by Alberto Marrero Salas at about why he'd vote for Bush again and there was nothing in that whole fat forum that made me want to vote for the redneck again. Our country is made fun of because of how intelligent George dubya Bush is. A President, in my mind, is someone that should be able to represent our country in a positive, respectful, intelligent, and peaceful manner.

Now, does George dubya Bush really come to mind with those trait's considered? The only people besides Republican's, that would vote for Bush again, are the one's that have not felt/seen any of the negative effects of Bush's decision's. I am pretty sure that it's most of thee upper class also, since Bush does look out for these people more than the lower class. You stated that John Kerry would have but, you weren't clear as to what he would have done and you made it seem as if though he could have done something. He was not the President at the time of making these decisions and therefore, that's why he couldn't have. You being an attorney, should have had the wits enough to have recognized that one and yet, you held it against Kerry in your forum statement.

I wasted my time reading your forum in hopes that you would have typed something that may have made me reconsider my view on Bush and if anything, you just reaffirmed my thoughts on those wanting to vote for Bush. You must be blind to think that our economy has been bounced back because of Bush being in office. As it has been stated by many researchers, it's going to take more than just four year's to recover from the 9/11 disaster.

Bush reacted too quickly, with the revenge of his father in mind. Yeah, your family and your upper class lawyer life are doing fine right now but, it is not because of Bush's action's. We were not attacked by a country, we were not even attacked for that matter. One of our planes was hijacked by a terrorist group and it was used against us with people in office (Bush), whom have ignored previous threats that led to the hijacking. We as Americans have known about the possibility of this happening and we have even included the same scenario in many of our movie's.

Bush does not really care about real Americans, which are the harder working middle and lower class citizen's. He not only reacted quickly to the incident for revenge but, for his self interest (his future with oil/money). Of course, he wants to remain filthy rich after he's out of office and if it takes brainwashing Americans to serve in the military to do it then, so be it. Using the civil war idea that our freedom was threatened because middle Easterners live life differently than us and Saddam wanting to spread his evil empire.

Yes, Saddam needed to be stopped and yes, Bush deserves some credit in doing so. As for wanting to reform other countries than ours, know that is just plain stupid but, hey, he's got to protect his highly valued interests. To be keeping people of minority races over there to continue losing their lives for what he owns, is not right and he knows this ,(majority of people serving are of other descendents). Mostly Latinos, no doubt, and we think of the people that are serving as heros? No disrespect to people that are serving in the military, as me myself, I had taken the ASVAB and was ready to ship out myself with 3 stripe's.

We need a president that is about reforming our country, keeping our national security as a priority, and someone to be less concerned with politics while being a strong humanitarian. Of course no minority would be in office and this is why again? Not only that, but with how quickly times have been changing, we need a bit younger people to be in office in order to relate more with American's and current event's. You'd think that with us being such a strong country that we would have strong healthcare benefits and no starving people. Yet, Bush can send food to other countries. We need reform A.S.A.P. and why have we not yet reformed our own federal and government laws? Just leave alot of innocent people in jail for stupid laws that other states don't have??? With 50 or more different state's all having different laws is ridiculous and as Montell Williams points out the stupid laws that these states still condone. The issue shouldn't be about who served and who didn't in voting for a U.S. President, it should be about what they have planned for us American's without the B.S.!!!


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