Bush Wins!

Even though the media won't say so!

By Gil Contreras
Published on LatinoLA: November 3, 2004

Bush Wins!

Just when I was about to give up on the American people, just when I thought the KPFK?s of the world had found a way to mislead ?the people? in ways they deride Fox News for doing?just when I thought the American people gave ?Fahren-Hype 9/11? more credibility than the Secretary of Defense, the National Security Advisor and the President himself, they come through with flying colors! George W. Bush is re-elected. Decisively.

After months of listening to John Kerry berate the President & his administration (some of the finest brightest minds in the country, by the by), listening to him call the commander-in-chief a liar (which weakens our U.S. troops as they wage their courageous battle for stabilization of the Middle East in both Iraq and Afghanistan and emboldens Osama & crew), I can finally breath a sigh of relief.

For those of us who actually read the 911 Commission Report, found that most of the assertions made by the Kerry campaign and the anybody-but-Bush group to be either grave distortions of the truth, or omissions of fact that didn?t support their ?wrong war, wrong place, wrong time,? philosophy. Most voters saw right through Kerry?s attempt to convince them that he would be a better president because Bush didn?t make a couple of National Guard meetings thirty years ago, even though he was honorably discharged from the military (as was I). Kerry?s assertions in the debates that he ?had a plan? (for everything it seemed) but never stated what that plan was, just didn?t resonate. I think ultimately, Kerry?s touring the country making that long face about everything cost him votes. The only thing Kerry didn?t accuse the president of, was being the second gunman on the Grassy Knoll!

I?m hoping now the Garafolo?s, Maher?s & Moore?s, will slip quietly back into the liberal la la land from which they come, but more importantly, it would be nice if they and their brethren in the ?media? took a moment to consider that perhaps, just perhaps, on the issues they thought were so clear, they were wrong. Dan Rather, CBS News, Peter Jennings, and the local kooks at 90.7 FM (who are so out of step with the non-activist world), would do themselves well to step out of their little liberal box from which they view the world, and, as I used to say on my radio show, ?wake up and smell the frijoles!?

American?s don?t ?love? Bush as much as they hate terrorists. The informed portion of the electorate knows that if we don?t fight ?them? over there, we?ll certainly be fighting them over here. Those who get their information from sources other than 2, 4 & 7, and the L.A. Times, realize that it was the eight years of Clinton/Gore, which preceded Bush, that actually created a global environment that allowed Bin Laden exist, train & recruit terrorists and to pull-off 911. The issue was never the Swift Boat Vets; it was the Senator from Massachusetts?s point of view that scared the hell out of those of us who showed up at the polls. The long lines were people like me (thank you Floridians) who made sure they went to the polls so that the win for Bush would not only be a win, but would be a decisive win. The last thing American?s want right now is for one of John Edwards? trial lawyer buddies to file a frivolous lawsuit as a last ditch Hail-Mary play for Kerry.

Now that it?s over and the dust settles, can we stop attacking our troops? mission in Iraq, can we stop calling our leaders incompetent, and can we please...please?stop whining about the ?stolen 2000 election and the disenfranchisement of blacks in Florida!? America is not in as bad a shape as the Left would have us believe, and those of us who supported the president last night are not simply uninformed or hardened of heart. We?re just American citizens who want what?s best for our families and our country. They?ve spoken?we?ve spoken, and now, I?ve spoken.

About Gil Contreras:
Gil Contreras is an award winning journalist in Los Angeles, For comments:

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