Caravana de Carnavales

La vida rica de Cesar Chavez

By Phil Goldvarg
Published on LatinoLA: April 2, 2002

Caravana  de Carnavales

When we found out Cesar Chavez passed, we left Sacras in a 35 car caravan to 40 Acres to celebrate the life of Cesar. We met in front of the panaderia, La Esperanza.

Caravana De Carnavales

La Raza/Galeria Posada
Friday night
Jose Montoya
Twenty Years of Joda
News of death
Cesar Chavez
Gente gathered
Circles of sadness
Hearts and skin touch
Words ~ tears
Swim in pools of despair
Offerings to his life
Facing four directions
Mourning death
Celebrating life
La noche
Turned out this way
The slow start of healing
No pause en la lucha

Monday night
Shoulder against shoulder
Hands against the soul of Cesar
To touch his meaning
Alive ~ Enduring ~ Vibration
Uplifting current
Palms that hold La Raza
La Causa
Voices hit the walls
Old chistes ~ Remember when
A feliz ~ tender ~ triste ~ close ~ sue?o
Angry ~ Reclaiming moment
He is man
He is the hours
Filled with fields
Huelgas y esperanzas

La Esperanza
Wednesday morning
Pan dulce scent
Flags white
Black eagle
A gathering
Caravana de Carnavales
Artista Daniel De Los Reyes
With Gods Ojo y sage
For good ~ safe ~ journey
The cameras
Hungry for recuerdos
Fragments of cuentos
Written on old walls
Time moved
Onto the path
To 40 acres
Where Cesar waited
With love and patience

The eagles flew
Stockton ~ Madera ~ Fowler ~ Fresno
Where farm~workers
Waved their blood red love
Caressing the Black Eagle
Past los huesos de Paulo
1967 grape strike
His huelga bones
Rattle a salute
Along the fields
Empty campesino cars
No funeral for them
Survival is every hour
Between rows
They look to the sky con sonrisas
For eternal wings
Alas de justicia
Carnavales move away
Feel separation
Come together
A meeting of need

A spring harvest
Rugged brown hands
Pick prayers from the sky
A flow to 40 acres
To plain pine arms
Holding Cesar for a last goodby
Before his journey
Line of eyes pass his face
Bathe his face con lagrimas
Y sonrisas como mariposas
Moving among recuerdos
Circle forms thru la tarde
Morning ~ Mourning
Noon ~ Night
Circle forms
Rocks a gentle chant
Sings shades of the earth
The gente come thru the dark
Hour after hour
Los caminones como barcos
Move across the fields
A fleet of peregrinos
Sailing thru a storm of tears
The gente come
With speaking hearts
Word ~ Song ~ Prayer ~ Dance
Offering ~ Silence
Until dawn announces the march
Huelga of all huelgas
A strike of gratitude
That the Black Eagle lived
Still lives

Ancianos y jovencitos
Rainbow skins
Level in purpose
Feet against the road
Flags slicing the air
To chunks of glory
School fence
Ninos De La Raza
Calling continuation de La Causa
Putting Cesar in the sky

Los Ancianos
Veteranos de las huelgas
Struggle each step
The same lucha
Followed all their lives
Ignoring offers
A ride?
Sit down and rest?
That's enough?
The answer
"No es bastante
Never enough mijitos
We march
Until we fly con Cesar"

Young firme Chicanas
Flying endless murales of involvement
Their almas
Painted on the wind
Madres y hijas
Padres y hijos
Abuelos con nietas
Explaining the march
La Lucha
The pain ~ The love ~ The meaning
La vida ~ La vida ~ La vida

Famous faces of the screen
Famous faces of the fields
Las caras iguales en este tiempo
Cesar carried on shoulders
En corazones
On hueso
En almas
He lives in the eyes
The burden
Light ~ Heavy
Is no burden
A feather of soft flight

A river of voices
Wash his eyes
Carry his dreams
Fresh waters surround his journey
To ocean
To sky
To earth his mother
A river of voices cover us
With coraje
To struggle ~ To struggle

Night lays down on 40 acres
Blanket over the genet
Pieces of the Caravana move to home
Covered with 40 acre Delano dust
Polvo Bronce
A silent layer of the gathering
The mile are quiet ~ unreal
Going home to Sacras
To La Esperanza
The scent of pan dulce
The sound of eagle wings
Across the sky ~

Para Cesar Con Carino

Phil Goldvarg 1993 ?

Photo by Jocelyn Sherman

About Phil Goldvarg:
Phil Goldvarg-poet/artist-Sacramento, CA, Zapatista Solidarity Coalition-Los Escritores del Nuevo Sol. Hgold42734@aol.com

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