hollywood vs helping mi comunidad

film student looking for a right path

By alfredo herrera
Published on LatinoLA: November 18, 2004

hollywood vs helping mi comunidad

i came to uc santa cruz thinking that i wanted to be a famous film director some day. as the years went by, i slowly started to become disappointed by everything i was being taught, and everything that i was not being taught.

i started taking classes in education, latino studies, politics, and many others. needless to say, it wasn't long before i started to realize that there are other facts of life out there that are becoming more interesting and important in my life.

so now i'm one month away from graduating with a BA in film and education and you know what, i'm not surprised to know that i find myself in the middle of two roads. these road both offer the similar outcomes and like everything else in life, they each have their pros and cons.

hollywood: "when are you going to start working? is this major even going to help you make any money? you should have studied how to become a lawyer or something more practical" these are statements that i have heard from my father every single day since i first decided to move away from san diego. i was going to prove my 'pa wrong and become somebody in hollywood one day. i wanted to show my 'pa that making movies is what i love doing. haha, now i prove myself wrong by realizing that i want to make a difference in someone's life instead of making money and buying a "mansion"

la comunidad: i feel like my left side of the brain is constantly fighting with the right side of my brain. i want to get involved with people that are doing something to help their community. i want to help work with students and teach them everything they are not being taught in schools. i want to empower people while at the same time involve myself with other individuals that can empower me to "do something about it"

i feel like my current attitude is more about being active and not just sitting back and let "all this shit" happen around me. there are so many battles fought by all kinds of individuals on a daily basis. social, economic, psychological, physical, and so many other wars are being won and lost by children, women, and men on a micro and macro level. why am i sitting here typing this instead of finding those kind of people that will help me pick the right path. why is it so hard to choose.

if there are any organizations out there in need of a lost individual with lots of video/production knowledge, i would like to lend a helping hand.

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