Revolutionary Words for Revolution

Guaran? Poet a soul-wrenching, indictment of racist capitalism in the United States

By Susan S?nchez Casal
Published on LatinoLA: November 27, 2004

Revolutionary Words for Revolution

Daniel's first publication of poetry, Guaran? Poet: The Taste of Truth, is comprised of 33 poems that will spark the dwindling flame of revolution in our society. His poems will take you on a trip across the world, from Brazil to Afghanistan to the streets of New York's ghettos, revealing the injustices of imperialism and beckoning your conscience to join the revolution for a free world - one where our politicians are forced to meet our demands for reform.

"In Guaran? Poet: The Taste of Truth, Daniel Jos? Cust?dio makes a passionate and elegant plea for a revolution of words, spirit, and action. In his first book of poetry, Cust?dio has crafted a soul-wrenching, indictment of racist capitalism in the United States, and its effects on the hearts, minds and bodies of Latinos, young and old.

Cust?dio tells us that ?the Revolution starts with just one word,? inviting the reader to rediscover the political in the poetic, placing himself in the tradition of other Latino writer/warriors such as Pedro Pietri, Miguel Algar?n, Miguel Pi?ero and Ricardo S?nchez. Custodio offers his poetry as a corrective lens for a society that lives in the ?blur,? urging the reader to understand the connections between what we see, what we know, and what we do. Believing that poetry can be a political tool against oppression, Cust?dio asks us to use our ancestral memories to bring transformation and healing in today?s world.

From ?Intelligent Favela? to ?Eu Sou? to ?Avalanche? to ?Budista en el barrio? to ?Guaran?,? Custodio produces a poetic mestizaje where English, Spanish and Portuguese verses pay homage to the multicultural, multilingual realities of the United States. The greatest achievement of the book, alongside its rich but devastating imagery of life in North American ghettos, is Custodio?s constant reminder to us that another world is possible, and that the way to get there is through the truth. Cust?dio?s poetry is salvation, inspiration, truth, healing, and weapon against the oppressors. This book will appeal to people of all ages and races who strive for truth, justice and love, and who believe that poetry has a function beyond the beauty of words.

But Guaran? Poet will especially appeal to those who bear the burden of the racist politics of American everyday life, those ?whose hunger pays? for the comfort of those with full stomachs. If you?re hungry, if you?re hungry for revolution, Guanar? Poet is for you."

Visit Daniel's Website at www.guaranapoet.com. To contact him email daniel@guaranapoet.com.

About Susan S?nchez Casal:
Susan S?nchez Casal, Ph.D/
Associate Professor of Latino and Women?s Studies
Founder and Director, Intercultural Womyn?s Empowerment Series (ICWES)
Hamilton College
Clinton, NY

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