Democrats: A Reality Check

To the middle or perish

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: November 30, 2004

Democrats: A Reality Check

If you are a Democrat and by this time have not slit your wrists, then that means you probably won?t.

The solution to the problems of the Democratic Party is not to move to Canada, France, or committing suicide. The solution is facing reality, dealing with reality and shining instead of whining.

Reality number 1:

Northeast Liberals do not make good presidential candidates.

Since 1968 there have been two Democrats in the White House, Carter and Clinton. One from Georgia and the other one from Arkansas, both Southern states.

Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy are the only two Northeastern liberals that have become Presidents. As a matter of fact, even Republicans from the Northeast have a dismal record when it comes to elections.

Among well known members of the GOP that have either lost elections or have not been able to carry the party standard are: Thomas Dewey, Jack Kemp, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, and William Scranton.

Most of the recent Presidents have come from either the West , the South and, earlier in the century, the Midwest. As the country has expanded westward, the Northeast has lost its influence. The values that most Americans share now lie in the West and in the South, overwhelmingly Red States.
So give up on Northeast Liberals (yes, Hillary that includes you) and nominate a candidate that can win.

Reality number 2:

George Bush is not an idiot.

One of the worse mistakes a party or a person can make is to underestimate the opposition. By calling Bush a cowboy, a redneck, hick, and an idiot, Democrats appear to be ivory tower elitists and that plays right into the hands of the GOP.

Bush may mangle the English language but voters understood his message while the Democrats failed to coherently present theirs.

I know that living in Los Angeles, this may come as a surprise to many of you, but there are many VOTING Americans who sound like George Bush.

A candidate cannot alienate voters by calling his opponent an idiot as it insults the 60 million Americans that voted for Bush. I know that some Democrats feel that Southern hicks and Western cowboys should not be allowed to vote? but they do and did so overwhelmingly for Bush, idiot or not.

And finally if the Democrats say that George Bush is an idiot and the Democrats have lost two elections to the idiot, what does that make the Democrats?

Reality number 3:

Moore, Penn, Baldwin, P. Didy and the Hollywood left.

We all love movies. I love music, but I do not want Madonna or Snoop Dog in my home or associating with my children. I don?t want a President that owes Hollywood anything.

I think the Americans as a whole have an attitude towards celebrities of ?I like the message but I really don?t care for the messenger?.

For every vote that Baldwin, Penn, Moore,Goldberg, P. Diddy or Springsteen got, they probably lost two. MTV and Vote or Die probably got more soccer moms to the polls to vote for George Bush then Young People for Kerry.

Probably the worst was the Bush bashing video that was released by Eminem.

The chances of an Eminem fan voting for Bush were nil. The chances of motivating someone who may not have voted to go out and vote for Bush were higher?Eminem was a net loss to Kerry.

Kerry made a major mistake when at a Hollywood fundraiser he declared that ?the heart of America is in Hollywood.? Bush had a field day with that and used it to great advantage.

Michael Moore and the ?beautiful people? are on the fringes. A Presidential candidate needs to appeal to a broad base and not the radical edges.

Reality Number 4:

Dump the UN

The United Nations has long been known as an organization that 2nd rate dictators of the Third World use as a source of jobs for their neer do well relatives.

The organization is a joke. The Human Rights Commission includes the following nations.

A. The Sudan. Its government is guilty of genocide in the Darfur region.
B. Mauritania. Slavery is practiced along with female circumcision.
C. Cuba. Express an opinion and you go to jail for 20 plus years.
D. China. Forced abortion any pregnancy after the 1st.

Annan has turned a blind eye to ?honor killings? of women in the Islamic world by fathers and brothers who feel that the woman has ?dishonored? the family. This is because Annan is supported by the Islamic States in the UN.

Annan consistently has backed every single resolution against the State of Israel, a true friend of the United States.

Annan is now blocking the investigation of the fraudulent oil for food program that put hundreds of millions of dollars into the hands of Saddam, France, Russia, China and perhaps Annan. Our buddies the French had in fact sold their vote to Saddam for favorable business concessions from Saddam.

These bunch of crooks and clowns at the UN should not be the ones to judge if we have passed a ?world test? before we decide to defend out country. Stop licking the boots of the UN.

Reality number 5:

The party must move to the middle. It is losing what should be its base.

Opposing 3rd trimester abortions does not deter from the right of a woman to choose an abortion. It only eliminates the horrible ghoulish practice that is know as partial birth abortion.

White women, who make up 41% of the voters supported Bush by a 55% to 45% margin.

Hispanics in Texas supported Bush by a margin of 61% to 37% for Kerry. The margin of support in Texas for Bush cannot be attributed to right wing Cuban Americans or Nicaraguan exiles. In Texas Mexican Americans make up over 95% of the Hispanic Voters. Among Hispanic voters nationwide Bush got a whooping 45% of the Hispanic voters. The GOP was aiming for 40%

Bush also picked up support in the black community (+5%) and among Jewish American voters.(+6%).

Even among union voters in Ohio, which was greatly impacted by loss of jobs 33% of union members voted for Bush. This was after the unions spent close to 100 million dollars in support of Kerry.

And there you have it. All is not lost. Move to the middle or perish.

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Alberto Marrero Salas. Immigration Law Los Angeles.
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