The First Chicano President of the USA?

Abandon old party lines and ridiculous petty rivalries and get this young man elected in 2012

By VirtualChicano
Published on LatinoLA: December 1, 2004

The First Chicano President of the USA?

Chicanos / Mexican-Americans, both Republican and Democrats, need to put their petty differences aside and do whatever it takes to get George Prescott Bush 2nd elected to the office of the Presidency of the United States.

We need to abandon old party lines and ridiculous petty rivalries and get this young man - about 28ish ? elected in 2012. He will be eligible to run for office then and he will most likely be a Republican. Officially, he claims no ambition to even run for office.

But to whom much is given much is expected. Given his political / industrial bloodline he might find himself in little position to say he cannot run. Moreover, this young man has the opportunity to be the first Bush JFK or Benito Juarez. Unlike his grandfather and Uncle George W the 1st and George the W 2nd, respectively, he has the opportunity to become a populist president and statesman instead of just an ?I done got myself in here and there?s nothing you can do about it? president.

Why should Chicanos and Mexican / Americans unite to support George Prescott Bush the 2nd? has launched a campaign to amend the American Constitution to enable a foreigner to run, get elected and hold the Office of the Presidency of the United States. It now seems apparent that these people are willing to change their own constitution before they see a woman - most likely Hillary Clinton in 2008 ? or minorities become president.

I am 44 years old and all my life I have heard ?race does not matter? and yet all my life I have seen ?whites? vote for and elect just ?whites?. It does not take a Rhodes Scholar to see that people only practice what they preach when it suits them. Therefore, I have decided to say it so that you all do not have to... race DOES matter and it is high time we all banded together to support one of our own.

He ? George Prescott Bush 2nd - might even serve as the catalyst for solidifying the white and Hispanic vote which is necessary for our people to achieve parity in the allocation of our nation?s resources. This parity is just a matter of time and when it is lost it will be because we have continued to gain a greater share of the pie and not less. is a direct affront to every American born man woman and child. If one thinks that this might be a good because now a Mexican-born naturalized American can become president then consider that they would just change it back before something like this would happen.

Let?s face it; this would be a chance not only for Chicanos and Mexican Americans but for Cuban and Puerto Rican Americans as well to advance and to hold a greater share of policy making government. Given his name and family ties, George Prescott Bush 2nd would be met with less resistance when appointing names like Villaraigosa and Bustamante while receiving support from Democrats like Bill Richardson, the man President Bush sent to speak to the North Koreans over his own Energy Secretary.

To paraphrase Paul Rodriguez, ?You don?t have to be Nostradamus to know all these things will come to pass.? Aztlan is alive and well in American Democracy and Capitalism. Aztlan is for everyone born in Aztlan regardless of any other factor. Aztlan is for the productive peoples of Aztlan regardless of where a person was born. Her resources are being exploited to their maximum output and more of our people come out ahead this way. The Economist Magazine has now published an article where it quotes Merrill Lynch as saying that wealth for Hispanic Americans is growing at a faster rate than for any other group of Americans.

Changes lie ahead for this country that cannot be imagined today. Only a few of the country?s brightest minds were able to predict and go on the record that the Berlin wall would come down. Now it seems that only a fool would believe that the ?Tortilla Curtain? will not go the same way.

Living through the Viet Nam war as a child and witnessing on television Tiananmen Square in China, the Socialists being booted from Poland, the Sandinista defeat of the Somoza government and then stunning the free world by taking the high road and restoring Democracy in Nicaragua ? even when they knew they would lose the elections.

One can only grow to believe that it doesn?t take a warrior or an intellectual or a laborer or even a capitalist, it takes the will of the people. This is what is trying to do and this is what I am trying to do by letting you know that you do not have to sit back and watch it happen. You do not have to tolerate in silence yet another insult to your ethnicity. You can take pro-active measures and beat these people at their own game.

You can rally behind George Prescott Bush 2nd and make him aware of your support for him. You can get him elected by making him your agenda until the media can no longer ignore it and then you will have a President Bush that represents not just the United States but your people as well.

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