Father Hosts Son

Mike Rojas Jr. guests on Adelante Hispanos

By Sylvana Almendarez
Published on LatinoLA: December 23, 2004

Father Hosts Son

This past Sunday, December 19, Michael Rojas Jr., president of ACE Productions Entertainment Group was invited on the extremely popular talk show Adelante Hispanos on KJLA-TV Los Angeles, hosted by his father, Mike Rojas Sr.

KJLA broadcasted this historic meeting between father and son for a blockbuster of a promotion designed and created by Rojas Jr. In association with General Mills one of the nation's biggest producers of cereal and hundreds of other products.

This collaboration between father and son is something that Hispanics in large should be proud of. With so much doubt cast over the Latin community, it is with great pleasure to see such an emotional and eventful collaboration, not to mention entertaining, to see prominent Hispanics on a public forum discussing business and not the death of another Latino. We are proud of you guys.

Adelante Hispanos which airs every Sunday at 8pm on KJLA had one of its most popular show receiving an onslaught of calls, so many that the show phone operators could not handle the enormous flow of calls requesting information on Rojas Jr. and his marketing services. Adelante Hispanos TV show host Mike Rojas said, ?I am proud to have my son as a guest he earned it.?

General Mills is working with Rojas Jr. on a concept entitled ?Sabor Latino? where a free ten song Latin CD is enclosed on the front of a two box set which includes Cheerios and CoCoa Puffs known across America. This has never been done before. An initial order of 1million boxes of the ?Sabor Latino? concept has been distributed across the country. On the back of the box is an impressive bio of each artist depicting their accomplishment. Rojas Jr. has been promoting Orquesta La Palabra (pictured) as his featured artist.

The back of the General Mills box impressively credits Rojas Jr. as ?Winner of the Ace Entertainment Award 2004 and nominated for a 2004 Grammy. Orq. La Palabra was also voted best salsa band on the hit TV show Adelante Hispanos, and voted best salsa orchesta on the entire west coast?. Now that?s impressive marketing and promotions on a major level.

Rojas Jr. is certainly creating waves with his marketing savvy. Executive Producer of his father hit album ?Sopa De Ritmo? which can be purchased on, was one of Rojas Jr's. biggest accomplishments and was the beginning of a line of success.

Michael Rojas Jr. was invited on Adalante Hispanos to promote an extremely successful booking agency that targets all events with Latin talent for every occasion entitled ?TV Discos y Grupos.? The night Adelante Hispanos aired with this concept countless calls were received wanting additional information. Other exciting guests included the talented and fiery 12 piece salsa band ?Luis Centeno Y su Orq. Melaza.?

Make sure to watch this entertaining and informative show on KJLA every Sunday at 8pm look for your local listings.

About Sylvana Almendarez:
Written By: Sylvana Almendarez
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