I Didn't Hesitate

We all gave some and some gave all

By KoolRay
Published on LatinoLA: January 29, 2005

I Didn't Hesitate

This was written several years ago upon my return from military service-I dedicate this to all that have served and are currently serving and in memory of those that gave the ultimate sacrfice.

" I Didn't Hesitate "

I answered the call of my country- though afraid I went
I stood proud with my comrades - knowing we'd be facing death
A hero - people say is not afraid of anything
Courage is being afraid and going anyway
I didn't understand that reason or why we were there
Our job was to protect - the people that were there
The American flag was all we had - to remind us of home
As it waved proudly above the gunfire and the smoke
As the sounds of bombs dropping far in the distance
Made the memories of home - a distant rememberance
I wore my uniform - proud and tall
We all gave some and some gave all
Will I forget - that I went and fought this war - No !
I just remember - what I was fighting for
For my country, family and all Americans
The price we pay for freedom is quite evident
As my country called from Korea to Kuwait
I know deep inside--I Didn't Hesitate !!!!!!!

Dedicated to all that have worn and are wearing the United States Military uniform and also to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice and those that have passed on that fought so gallantly in wars passed--A Vet Never Forgets!!!

Johnny "Hollywood" Barron

About KoolRay:
Johnny P. Barron, former United States Marine, served from 1972-1977 during the VietNam War. 1st MAW based in MCAS, Beaufort, S.C. & 3rd MAW, MCAS, El Toro. Tour of Duty to include, DaNang, Okinawa, Saigon (1972-1975).

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