Lucid Introspect

Expressiveness without remorse...

By ~ DHOC ~
Published on LatinoLA: February 5, 2005

Lucid Introspect

I can?t even begin to tell you in just one page my many throes and thrashes since my plight against FCC?s decision to approve the merge between Univision and HBC...

Serving to bring to mind the conglomerate giant has turned the Tejano industry into a catalepsy frenzy. What was once classified as an equal air play with a localized Mexican-American Chicano form of music has now been turned into a cross-country 100% Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban format with music of total different cultures.

Don?t let my premonitory view stand alone. There have been tons of people against this injurious episode, yet for some reason the public has gotten a ho hum attitude about the entire situation.

It is appropriate to say that music from the 60's and 70's was much more profound and solid. Matter of factly, emotion and sentiment are better conveyors than the malice ridden ?mad at the world? lyrics of present day.

I for one thoroughly enjoy listening to R&B jazzy music that describe women as ladies and men as gentlemen; however, those compositions are hard to find and only send me searching for some soft jazz or my collection of oldies but goodies.

Not being a conservative, I sometimes wonder if we?re going through the same thing our parents went through when we hit the funk/disco era..... Perhaps, but I know for a fact that although some of those lyrics made for some similes they were not as descriptive as today?s, where nothing is left to the imagination. And not to get into the discussion of censorship, (a subject for another day) I wonder why adult books are covered and are lawfully to be distant from a minor?s eye, yet certain videos and lyrics strongly exploit without hesitation...

Enough being said about today?s music. I fully understand people?s opinion and position on Norte?o, unfortunately Univision is actually a 100% correct SPANISH catering to the 100 percent SPANISH speaking and we have been left out in the cold. Thank GOD our radio stations weren?t bought out by KAMASAKI or we?d either be listening to all Japanese or Chinese formats, don?t you think so?

For whatever it?s worth, I think the problem is that we (Chicanos) were taught to be submissive from way back and our inclination for change no longer moves the soul, even if it means to right a wrong. Don?t you think UNIVISION knows this already? Don?t you think they know that our race is SUBMISSIVE AND PASSIVE and WON?T step up and that?s why they?re laughing all the way to the bank...

I know that I?ve come to the conclusion that there are many of us out there that have our motors all rev?d up but the longer we stay at the ?start? line the more the public gets on with their everyday, good morning, everything?s ?A? okay in my world... I?m a follower, not a leader, como el viento, variable, ahora si, manana no, don?t stick to my guns for fear of retaliation type of mentality.....

I?ve stirred as much controversy as the ?Joe Lopez, Jimmy Gonzalez? split episode but somehow, people are just not listening or just plain have too much to do in their busy lives that maybe they just don?t care. I guess as long as they have their CD?s and have internet connection........ What is so wrong?

Freedom of choice to express in this FREE COUNTRY the disgust for monopolization I say. But who am I, with all my conjectures and bespectacled evidence, as I?ve heard before.... and why should anybody listen?

The impact of all and not just of one.....and for those who think I?m auditioning for ?Joan of Arc? wake up and smell the coffee, you wouldn?t even know what?s good for you if it came and hit you in the ASS!

If only CESAR CHAVEZ could see SOME OF OUR RAZA today, he would be deeply disappointed :( and that?s putting it lightly......... with a cherry on top.

Still hanging on....... even if by a thread!

UNIVISION today............ JUSTICE tomorrow!

About ~ DHOC ~:
MaryAnn Gonzalez (DHOC - Die Hard Onda Chicana) from Tejas. Passionate historian de nuestra musica y cultura. Geared at promoting Chicano culture and all aspects thereof

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