An Agent Tells All

New advice book for actors written by Latino talent agent

By Crystal English
Published on LatinoLA: February 23, 2005

An Agent Tells All

For anyone who has ever contemplated becoming an actor, the book "An Agent Tells All" is a definite read. Tony Martinez tells the cold hard truth about what it really takes to make it as an actor in Hollywood, from an agent's perspective.

"An Agent Tells All" is packed with witty humor as it gives very sound and practical advice for surviving as an actor in Los Angeles. The book addresses some of the most asked questions dealing with acting. How much should I spend on headshots? Do I need a reel? Is it okay to pad my resume if I don't have much acting experience? Should I take classes? Should I send unsolicited materials to an agent? Martinez does an excellent job of answering those queries.

For example, Martinez believes it's not a good idea to come to Hollywood for a few months just to "test the waters" because, "You can't expect anything major to happen in such a short period of time. It takes much longer to figure out if you really have a future in this business... If you're serious about your career, you have to commit to this town for at least three years."

Martinez goes on to say that you need to get a job (yes, the evil "j" word), take time to learn your way around the city, read the trades so you know who is doing what and when, and a host of other things.

But, the book doesn't stop there. Martinez illustrates the way to go about getting an agent, which is crucial to landing the really great paid acting gigs. He also tells you the best time to look for an agent, what kind of tools you'll need, what your resume should look like, and so much more.

He explains in detail about the infamous television "Pilot Season", as well as what agents are really thinking when you're sitting in their office for a meeting. Martinez even goes the extra mile to let you, the potential actor, know how to be a good client.

The book addresses the issue of whether to have a manager or not, although that question doesn't really give a definitive answer. The information is important to know, especially if you want to keep more of your paycheck.

The best about this book is that by Martinez divulging what he knows to be accurate from his perspective, he saves the would-be actor a great deal of time, money and in some cases, their sanity. And, for those actors who are thinking about making the trek to Los Angeles solely for pilot season, Chapter Seven is a must read.

"An Agent Tells All" is fantastic, funny and informative. It's a book you'll want to keep in your library and refer to often, especially when you're not getting work and wondering why.

"An Agent Tells All" is available on Amazon.com or you can visit http://www.AnAgentTellsAll.com.

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