Sharp Looks, Polished Vocals and Talent to Match

Equal to one hell of a performer

Published on LatinoLA: March 14, 2005

Sharp Looks, Polished Vocals and Talent to Match

"Al ver llorar a un hombre, es algo que se almira, lo ven con su tristeza, arrastrar por todo el suelo ....... su orgullo y su verguenza, y el caaaari?o que tienes, es algo muy distinto, para el un mal desprecio, hacer en mil pedazos el corazon que tiene...... Por eso yo queria, querer te con el alma, porque yo presentia, lo que tu ibas hacer..... dejar me enamorado, como tal vez lo has echo, y no me da verguenza, llorar porque te quiero, con todo el corazon.... Quiere me como yo..... para vivir felices, para querer nos mucho, .......dentro la ley de Dios.... porque para mi amor, no existe otro cari?o, y el amor que te tengo, lo trae.... lo trae.... mi corazon..."

Those words rip right through your soul..... and there?s no one else better to sing those lyrics but the talented Mr. Aaawww babeh himself!

Also known as Mr. Iron Throat, the infamous Jessy Serrata has absolutely refined vocals. Born November 2, 1953 in Knox City, Texas to Matias and Agapita Serrata. This legend has an incredible history.

Inspired by the late great Manuel Solis, this man headed out on a musical mission to accomplish what some believed to be inconceivable. A musical career that stemmed from the early years of Tejano Music when the infamous sounds of Valerio Longoria, Conjunto Bernal, and Ruben Vela were flowing through A.M. station airwaves and at a time when life for the common Chicano was traveling to northern states to make a living.

The advent of his career began with Agapito Zuniga ?aka? El Rey de la Cumbia? and then on to the re-known family group called Los Buenos which included his brother Rene Serrata.

Vocal potency in hand Los Buenos credited him with hits including: ?Quatro Lupes?, ?Como Te Llamas Tu? and other top chart hits. However, his career did not cease there. He took it to new heights when his vocals and skilled bass techniques were summoned to join some of Tejanos most impressive legends including: Oscar Hernandez y Los Professionales, the remarkable Estevan Jordan, the phenomenal Conjunto Bernal, and the extraordinarily talented Bobby Naranjo y Grupo Direccion. Only further to join the magnificent Tuff Band where he was paired up with the astonishing vocals of ChaCha Jimenez later to become Los Chachos. Finally nestling his vocal talent as lead man in the ever potent Jessy Serrata and the New Wave Band.

A well knit history of composed hits include: La Quiero, Vuelve, La Tejanita, Mujer Santa, Loco, Jessy?s Potpourri, El Potpourri (recordando a el Conjunto Bernal) Daddy?s Home, Put me in Jail, and many many others too numerous to mention yet also includes ?Yesterday? by the world famous Beatles - translated into Spanish ?Desde Ayer? and his recent Mariachi hit ?Las llaves de mi alma? further states that this Tejano icon has left no musical stone unturned.

Jessy?s vigorous talent including the notorious phrase ?Awww Baby? which derived from the nationally famed Mick Jagger continues to swoon the public and raise an interest. Further adding to his career and his deep devotion to an audience which spans from coast to coast.

Giving all his best while acquiring new fans, he always puts on a spectacular show, keeping his audience on the dance floor hit after hit. In addition, to further display a profound commitment and appreciation towards his fans, it has been said that although he is considered a highly respected Icon, he keeps himself grounded by their loyalty and thus acknowledges each and every one every opportunity he gets.

There is no doubt this legend has music running through his system and never ceases to amaze one with his strife. Including his involvement in his daughter?s career (Brandee). She herself has genetically inherited his vocals and is slowly but surely becoming a powerful packed performer. Furthermore, history will soon begin to unravel a story about a Star that will continue the legacy of Jessy Serrata.

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